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1/8/18 - Ok, I have some news to announce. After completing another chapter of one of my stories, I think I have to take a break from writing. It took me almost 4 months just to complete one chapter that was already complete. Every time I sat down to get some writing done, something IRL took me away from it, and it happened consistently for months.

Sigh, life has been unrelenting for me for a long time now. So I am sad to say I'm a taking a hiatus from writing for the time being. Until I can get some stuff sorted out IRL so I can have a little bit of free time. I would kill to just be able to sit at home everyday and do nothing. But as it stands I have so little free time I can barely even relax. This doesn't mean I've given up on writing. It's just the circumstances of my life are strangling me and I need to try and get this stuff out of my way. I would love to write more but I just dont see it happening with stuff IRL right now stopping me.

Now I am still considering writing a short story about Sally from after the reboot, but I'll see what happens. If the conditions are right, I will return. So pray for me so that one day I might deliver you some new content :(

But until then I want to thank all my readers, I see you reading even if you dont review sometimes. If I didnt the amount of views I did I might not write as much. But I get many more hits than I expect all the time and it give me motivation to continue. So thank you all for reading and maybe I'll see you all again one day! Later.

8/17/18 - Not an update, I just wanted to address a reader. You cant personally respond to anonymous readers so this is the only way I can think of to do it. No, Void Reader, there wont be any more updates for Behest Redamancy. I'm still on hiatus and I dont know if or when I'll ever able to be able to write again. Thanks for reading though.

9/29/21 - Hey guys! It's been awhile. I just finished chapter 5 of kalopsia. I'm editing it right now and I'm hoping to get it up by tomorrow. Hope you guys enjoy!

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