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Thoughts on the Harry Potter Stories

I absolutely enjoyed the Harry Potter series. It was fun and full of story-telling magic. There are quite a few holes in the worldsetting. But, then you consider that the story was really about 3 young people and their lasting friendship. It was told from the perspective of Harry, so naturally an 11 year old is going to see things from a different perspective than an adult. Maybe the holes don’t really matter as much when you consider the age of the main character and his perspective. I’d say the primary complaint I have is the evolution of the Harry. The first four books portrayed Harry as a young wizard with a great deal of potential. Then, the last three books kind of ‘dumbed him down’ and he just seemed to be above average and ’Lucky’. Certainly not outstanding. Marked as an equal to the Dark Lord? You’d never know it from the last three books. In the stories I’ll be writing, We’ll look at Harry as if he did not stall out after his fourth year. That said, JK Rowling did an amazing job and her writing is brilliant.

Stories I like
I like the stories where Harry Potter is an exceptional and powerful Wizard who struggles with fame and notoriety. While I prefer the stories where Harry is well above the average wizard in skill and power, I don't really like the ones where he is all knowing and supernaturally confident. I don't mind the romance stories, but the pairings should be at an age where it makes sense. Not before 4th year, preferably later. I like stories that stay reasonably aligned with the books. I’m not into slash or harems, that just seems way out of character. For me, the best stories also have a good ending. Not necessarily ’happy’, but not morbid either.

My Stories

Casting Shadows:

This is my first post-Hogwarts story line. It is a young adult and a magically powerful Harry dealing with becoming an adult with responsibilities. It is not as combat heavy as the Dance of Death, but there is combat. Instead, it is focused on world building. The combat in it is pretty gruesome, though. There will be sequels as this is the starting point for future stories. Harry is basically a very light grey. Haphne pairing. And again, he is quite powerful. Three Adventures: Paris, South America, & Hogwarts.

Harry’s Paris Adventures are now complete.

Harry Potter and the Dance of Death:

This is the Hogwarts prequel story to Casting Shadows. It takes Harry from cradle to Master of Death. it explains how Harry became so powerful. It also details how Harry became Bill’s apprentice and close friend. It diverges from canon at the end of fourth year. Very combat heavy as the story progresses. Harry is slightly Grey, but full of angst. Hinny Pairing (but they break up in Casting Shadows). Harry is angsty and angry, but driven by constant conflict caused by the horcrux in his scar. Once the horcrux is removed, he struggles to come to terms with where he fits in.

Chimera Rising:

On Hiatus until I finish Dance of Death and Casting Shadows.*

This is my Skinwalker inspired story. I wanted to write a story that would stay closer to canon and be aligned with my AU. In this story, Harry is mentored by a darker character and is potentially a far more dangerous hero. This Harry is more cunning than he is in the other stories, but has less raw power. Most ‘Dark Harry’ stories have him either angry or borderline evil. This Harry is a Grey Harry that isn’t afraid to make the tough decisions, but would prefer to just go hiking and hang out with friends.

Harry starts out a bit innocent and slowly embraces the skills his mentor instilled in him as he comes in contact with Deatheaters. The story here is his descent and evolution into whatever he has to become to survive. If Casting Shadows is a nod to Indiana Jones, Chimera Rising is a nod to Mission Impossible.

UnRepentant: *Story and I plan to start after Dance of Death and Casting Shadows (Inca) are finished.*

This is a grittier version of Harry’s story that picks up right after the Battle of Hogwarts and before the Deathly Hallows Epilogue and the story is mostly Canon compliant to that point, with only a few small insertions. I am trying to stay true to the story all the way up to (but not including) the epilogue of the Deathly Hallows. It takes a more realistic approach to the Harry Potter world than my other stories. Think less Glitz and more Grit. It’s also planned to have multiple stories. Harry will be powerful, but not ridiculously so. It starts with ”The Fool”, and progresses from there.

Part 1. The Fool - Harry realizes the Battle was won, The Dark Lord is dead, but did they win the War? Harry comes to terms with the mistakes he made and the mistakes of others. Harry realized the best thing he could do is to pack his bags and make a life for himself away from Wizarding Britain.

Triumphant Return - Where there are winners, there are losers. At 11 years old, Harry learns how others feel about his magnificent house cup victory at the end of his first year. it sets the tone for future toxic interactions.

A Black Family Christmas Story - A one shot story. Five years after the Battle of Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy is at a pivotal point in his life. He is dealing with family and political pressures that are in direct opposition to what he wants. The result is a brutal night that he will never forget. This is a one-shot story that takes place in the Unrepentant AU. A Christmas Story.

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