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Shows I like:

Stargate Atlantis & SG-1
Firefly, Roswell
Chuck, Eureka
Bones, NCIS
Human Target
Jake 2.0, Lethal Weapon
Primeval, Doctor Who

Fanfiction I love:

Stargate: Atlantis - Ronon/Keller pairing, there just can't be enough written about this couple in my opinion. I also enjoy Lorne/Novak, Lorne/Cadman, Lorne/and just about anyone.
Stargate: SG1 stories with Mitchell. Love reading crossovers and occasionally a good Cameron/OC. I personally like to write him with Jennifer Keller of SGA.
Roswell - Polar pairing (Michael/Liz).
Smallville - Chlollie pairing (Chloe/Oliver).
Jake 2.0 - Jake/Diane
Primeval - Becker/Jess

Kissing Traditions series order:

1. Kissing Traditions - completed
2. Protective Instincts – completed
3. Lasting Bond – completed

The fact that I wrote the word series above shocks me. This series is a crossover of SG1 and SGA featuring the pairing of Cameron Mitchell and Jennifer Keller. The first story, Kissing Traditions, starts with SG1’s visit to Atlantis in the episode Pegasus Project and follows both Stargate show’s canon loosely to the end of season 5 of SGA. The second story, Protective Instincts, is set about 6 months after the SGA season finale of Enemy at the Gate. The third story is set about 4 months after Protective Instincts.

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