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I'm a consummate reader- I don't mind reading anything with grammatical errors as long as I find it interesting, thought evoking and emotionally captivating.

Throughout the years I've found that I've been a convert to pairings that usually I totally would have not expected to love, yet here I am totally loving these so called most unconventional pairings that would be unfathomable in canon just because of the artfully written works posted on this site.

I have been reading through thousands of stories of different genres and fandoms that started from animes, to books and to tv series for more or less 17 yrs now and it has been my constant companion no matter how busy my day gets.

Honestly it had become a large part of my life that it even came to a point where it saddens me whenever a story that I've been so emotionally invested in has not yet been updated for years.

This is also where I've discovered my love for yuri/girls love in all it's rainbow colored glory.

It never ceases to amaze me though how different authors amateur or not, around the world would use their overtly excessive imagination to take the characters that you love in various settings and make it still epic all the same. Stories that can even surpass the ones made by already published authors and their oh so predictable scenarios.

This is where I fell in love with stories and words.

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