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So, it's been a weird year so far and it's only halfway through. And for those of you who actually read this, I changed my username. DejectedBlithe was a stupid name I chose in high school and I suck at coming up with usernames so I used my actual name. A little weird right, but it's a common name in the U.S.

I am a grad student. I know shocking with my horrible writing, but I'm in the social sciences so hah. Anyways, I am busy with classes, dissertations, research, and having no real life so my schedule is chaotic.

Feel free to pm me with requests. I just do one shot requests and it'll probably end up in Tropes.


Class has officially started again, so the chances of an update for Star Cross has significantly gone down even though I was on a roll. I might start working on Move Along again though, since drabbles are easier to work on in between readings and assignment.

I've also developed quite the obsession over Bones.


Obsession has switched from Bones to Star Wars.

Story Status:

I am currently only working on three stories: Move Along and Conquest. Move Along is almost done and I'm hoping it really will be before the new year (I said the same thing for summer). All chapters of Conquest have been officially been cleaned up and I'm trying to figure out now where I'm going with that story.

Move Along

It's planned out until the end. And I have random chapters written but chapter 46 and 47 are being difficult even though they are mostly written. I do have 49 - 52 written, oddly enough.

Star Crossed and Everything

It feels good to be writing this one again. I even had the epilogue written but I don't know if I'll post it and not because I don't think I'll finish the story. But I am planning it out for like the fifth time (I keep losing my notebooks) and I'm happy with it so far.

Just started chapter 7.


Just got back into this story. I've re-read and edited all the chapters. I am now making an outline for the rest of the story.

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