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Symmetry was my first attempt at fic, and I believe it went well.

Animosity was written due to the fact that Madison's humanity became this plot bunny that I couldn't get out of my head.

The Return is my last story, a story borrowed by another writer who no longer felt inspired to write it. It's my first attempt at AU. It's also my first attempt at writing MaDi as a main couple and in their PoV. [I am sorry, I just could never finish this and now it’s been so long that the story has long gone cold for me. There were only two or three chapters left but I never could get them just right and now... ]

I Wake Up to the Sound of Music was a response to a LiveJournal challenge, but I posted it about a month late (it seems my muse and I don't get along with time restraints). But either way, I really like how it turned out and had to post it.

The Best Memories a response to the 'Lollipop' challenge on fanfic_ripples over at LiveJournal. It starts out as a future fic and ends up as pre-series fic. It works backwards and tells the story from the end to the beginning. I thought it would be an interesting format and I'm hoping it turned out the way I wanted it to. This Story is in fact completed, there will be no more updates.

Regret something I started ages ago, but finally finished in a bid to jumpstart my muse for The Return, which I'm hoping will work. Cross your fingers.

Three Blonde Ghosts a response to the 3rd challenge on LiveJournal's GameOn vmars fic challenge community. It won an award. It's a Christmas fic (based on A Christmas Carole) and Mac-centric, but there's a lot of Veronica, Logan and others (including kinda-Parker and Lilly) in it. (To see my award for this fic please go to my homepage and look up the fic in the tags)

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