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I am Warbender. Aged 37 years. Called "the bookaholic", also called "The last platinum dragon". I've read Shogun cover to cover in less than one day. I love a good read, and have found lots to read here. (some bad most good)

My reviews are honest and any crit. is intended to help not hurt. (love a good plot bunny stew (plot bunnies breed like weeeeell...Like bunnies))

I am who I am. The way I am. As I am. (subject to change without notice)

I have defeated 626 video/computer games to date. I have 21+ years in the resterant industry, and love to cook.

I am the last Platinum dragon in most dimentions. I just prefer to be human in this one. (Hey. It is my character for rp games. So what if I really Identify with the values held by a Platinum Dragon in that kind of situatuion. Being the last of his kind that is.)

Enjoy your love of writing. So I can enjoy me love of reading. (pleasepleaseplease oh please?)

contact me at ,or through the msging system for this site.

The things that I have found to be true:

1. Anything the human mind can think up is possable. It may not be probable, or feasable, but it is possable.

2. The only thing constant next to God in the universe. Is change.

3. Every human being through thier actions, words, and deeds. Unconsiously teach, and what you teach best. Is what you most need to learn .

4. That sometimes it is best to look for the answer within yourself.

5. Without evil. Good stagnates. When good stagnates. It will putrify, and then die. Without good. Evil will feed upon itself. It will feed upon itself until it dies. Find your own balance between the two. (I found mine, and am thus happy with who I am. Subject to betterment at my own speed. In due time.)

As of 8-12-07. I will have read 892 fanfics.

My place of residence has changed I now live in Washington state. I have been swamped with catering, event concessions, and am working in both of my boss's resterants. My dad has me helping him repair, and remodel his house. It seems to me that it is getting to the point where I am doing for others, and working so much that I have NO life.

I have started to re-aquire all of the books missing, and wore out in my library( back up to 176 titles ) I am now reading the Chanur saga and the saga of nand Bren(C.J. Cheriyh's Foregner saga). I am looking to start reviewing more of the stories posted here. I am also going to send e-mails to those people (You know who you are) who have stories that are needing updates(I like the story. I want to see what happens next in them, but they are not posting chappies (Authors that do this to people do not care, or are suffering from yearlong writter's block)). enough for now.

As of 11-10-07. I have read 1412 fanfics

My library now holds 204 titles. I am currently reading and reviewing Chobits, Fate Stay Night, and Angelic layer fanfics. I want you people to know that I only review a fic. if it has a yes answer to one of these things: 1. Is 2+ chapters, or 5000 words pluss. 2. The story is more than just smut, character smashing, or scrambled plotlines. (AAAAK! Plot bunnies jumping everywhere. FLEE IN TERROR!!)

I watch or read the actual t.v. show, anime/manga, movie, or book before I read,and review the fanfic.. This gives me a bit of insight, and knowledge about what I am reading in a fanfic., and makes my reviews something more than just pointing out spelling/punctuation errors. Because I do this. I can see the balance within an author's writting.

11-19-07. I have read 1454 fanfics

I am currently back to reading and reviewing Mercedes Lackey, Dragonlance, Love hina, and chobits fanfics. I have joined a rp forum. I am developing my character for my story in this forum. (And having fun role playing too. Actually I am having more fun rping than in char dev.) My character's name will change from the one I am using in the forum for the story I will write, and I will try to post the story somewhere on this site.

Keep writting people...

12-01-07. I have read 1514 fanfics

I have finnished watching the first two seasons of Rurouni Kenshin anime. So I am now reading and reviewing that fanfic for now. I am also still reading, and reviewing M. Lackey, Dragonlance, and Love Hina fanfic.s. I like that people are e-mailing me to read and review thier fic.s. Makes me feel needed. In a way... I mentioned earlier that I was going to try writting my own story. I have the first chapter in rough draft now. I do not know if original fiction can be posted here, or if my story will need to be posted somewhere else.

I am finding much to read latelly, and have found much to like in manny of the fanfics that I have read. Keep writting people, and I'll keep readding...

12-08-07. I have read 1557 fanfics

I am going to have problems reviewing fanfic for the time being... You see... A close family member has been diagnosed with cancer, and it has allready spread... Things are going to be in great turmoil for a while. At least until we get the new routine down, or she goes into remission. I will try to read and review as much as I can, but allready have had to withdraw from all rp.s that I am a part of. I have cancelled all work on my original fiction for the forseen future. I am sorry to those of you that are asking for my help, and will try to aid you when I can. I am so sorry this has to be the way it is, and I wish thing were different. But we will get through this one way or another. I am not going away. Just going to be as buisy as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest.

12-10-07. I have read 1559 fanfics

My step mom starts her radiation treatments tomarow. I plan on taking care of her along with me dad. I have reviewed many of the fic.s here, and I have had one of the best times reading them. (I especially like the ones that are over 500g words). Thank you (Those of you who who offered prayers, and words of encouragement) for the suport in this. One of the most trying of situations for anyone to go through. I am still reading, and reviewing, and I post in the forums here and there. (when I can)

Now I have to go cook... keep writting people.

12-20-07. I have read 1564 fanfics

My step-mom has now completed her first week of radiation treatments. I want to wish all of you a better holyday season than us. My dad is into n-scale model railroading so I went and found him some engines, and a couple of cabooses. It is gonna be the only gifts this year that I can afford to get for anyone. The job market out there really sucks, and I need more work. Because dad, and Linda (My step mom) have so many extra expenses on top of houshold upkeep, and loan payments. I have my own upkeep responsabilities, and I really need to help make things better for them.

On another note... I find myself with time enough to continue to read, and review things here, and maybe post some in the forums some. As I am now tending to get up at 2:30-3:00 in the mornin (After goin ta bed at 10:30-11pm). I have read several fics that are at a million+ words now, and one at 1,400,000+ words.(In the Ah My Goddess catagory). Talk about prolific writting. Well done to those of you who are at 1-million pluss words. You guys have about as much love of the written word as I do. Only you love to write them, and I love to read. Good job on your stories people.

Now I have to go do laundry, decorate the tree, X-mass shop for something to give Linda, find a second job, and help me da to see thing through with Linda's illness. (Mostly keeping myself, and any other family members from going insane with everything else besides X-mass going on in this family) Keep enjoying your love of writting, and I will keep enjoying my love of reading.

I belong to the one race on top of the food chain here on this planet. HUMAN! Everyone else needs to rise above their tribe. -Unknown anti-racist.-

12-27-07 I have read 1572 fanfics (And have 6 more that I am reading)

I have not much to say today. X-mass went well, and that is about it.

So I will leave you for now with one of the oaths that I have taken, and have followed for practically my whole existance.

"I will not hurt while talking is enough, and I will not knowingly start hurting first. I will not maim while hurting is enough. I will not cripple while maimming is enough. I will not kill while crippling is enough. Above all... I shall respect, and cherrish all life. Even though I may have to hurt, maim, cripple, or kill."

Oath of peace...

Keep writting people...

01-04-08 I have read 1584 fanfics

A new year has sterted, and life has dropped into the pot so to speak. My step mom is tired all of the time (Probably from the radiation treatments) I still havn't found out what type of cancer she has, but hope that it goes away. My dad is hurting from this but he is so damn stoic about it that I just want to beat him about the head with somthing slimmey, and gross. I do not know what this year will bring.

Reflecting on my life so far. I have seen such beutifull things, actions, words, and deeds. It has shown me much good in love,and life. On the opposite side of the coin. I have seen such evil, inhumanity, rage, prejudice, fear, hate. That at times it has filled me with utter disspair. Put it all together, and what do I see? Hope...

Keep writting people...

01-12-08 I have read 1602 fanfics

Today I am seeing to the needs of my step-mom. As she is home for the weekend. It is 17 day until I am another year older...Oh...Joy... Our situation coninues as last time, but we are holding up allright. Linda (My step-mom) Is such a wonderfull person. That it tears me to shreds to see her go through this. Just as much so watching da going through what he is, and I know he is.

I am rereading my collection of books that are in my active library. All 300+ titles. After wich my active library will be excanged with books from my inactive library (2000+ titles). That I have in storage. I wonsder if anyone else is as much into the written word as me. Well I guess that time will tell. On a happier note... I am so happy that on of my fav. football teams is in the play-offs The Seahawks vs. Greenbay Packers today at one pm. I Really want to see the Seahawks win the Super Bowel. Just once go all the way to the last game of the football year, and then win it all. But I probably will keep wishing, but it is something to hope for other than for a cure for cancer. (God bless the situation with a really big hammer. Aimmed at Greenbay)

Keep writting people...

01-16-08 I have read 1615 fanfics

Well I've got some good news. My step mom has only three radiation treatments left. Then she gets a couple of weeks off before chemo starts. Now for the bad news I have run out of things to read in the tv show section of this site. (And none of the other listings am I interested in. as I didn't like the show to begin with.) So I am using a site called to do research for the anime listings here. I like being able to give an honest review. (Besides...I get to watch anime for free.) Doing this opens new reading material for my reading enjoyment. As I gain an understanding of the world an author of fanfic is writting within.

Keep writting people...

01-21-08 I have read 1622 fanfics

I was informed on 10-18-08 about something that has quite devistated any plans that I may have had for any outside things like friends, or enjoyment of life (I want to enjoy myself via the work I do, or the friends I have). I was told by my da. That Linda's cancer is in-operable, and eventualy terminal. Without treatment she has less than two years. With treatment she has up to six years. I hurt at the sound of that news, but me da is hammered by it hard very very hard. Though he is hiding it well. I am now having more to take care of at home than ever. I feel that it is going to be worth it though. As anything I do for this family at this time is going to do nothing, but help Linda fight this as long as she can. I hope a more effective treatment option comes along. I want Linda, and me da to live long and happy lives together. I have only one thing available to keep my mind off of things. The computer I am typing at right now. I'll keep going doing the read/review thing as I am allowed to. We need to keep on keepin on, and do the best we can with what life throws our way. Even if it is one crap salad sandwitch after another.

2-11-08 I have read 1649 fanfics

I have been co-opted for in home care giver duties... Well I am a decent chef...I am quickly becomming a nutritionist... And I have all of the knowledge that is in my non-fiction books. I have many things to do now, and it has all been wearing me down to a nubbin. Forget about burning the candle at both ends. Iv'e been burning the whole thing, and not just that one but bunches of them. (It is getting to the point of me not getting any more than three hours sleep a night. Which will eventually cause a persons body to break down). Linda's cancer has reached stage four far sooner than expected. We are needing to prepare for her death. It is beating all of us down, and we are fighting a somewhat lossing battle with despair. I have been seeing the pain she is going through. I see how my dad is being affected by this, and It is ripping me a new one to see the anger, pain, and fear that is pummeling them both. To top it all off... I can do nothing to at least ease their pain. I can just make it so they do not have to worry about cooking food, washing dishes, cleaning house, washing clothes, or any of the hundreds of little details of running this houshold. The only thing me da has to worry about is going to work, and seeing the bills get paid. The only thing Linda has to worry about is what she wants to eat or if she can get me to rub her feet. (Which I am happy to do as it relieves some of her pain.) Well I am still reading and reviewing as I can. I have had a lot of people send their sympathies (thanks). I have made some friends. Though I shall probably never meet them in person. I have also seen some really exelent writting. (Do not worry I am not contimplating something stupid, and cowardly. just giving credit where it is due) I just wanted to say keep writting people...

3-12-08 I have read 1703 fanfics

I was asked..."How can you be sure of the number of fanfics that you have read?" Simple...I have this little clicker counter device. I press the little button on the top, and the count goes up by one. It is an experiment to see how many fanfics I can read in a year... Linda has chemo-therepy today. I kind of am expecting her to come home feeling like shit. I mentioned last time that I was co-opted for care giver duites...This hasn't changed. Though I dearly wish for a day off. As I haven't seen the outside of this little town in well over a week. (I got away for a few hours two Tuesdays ago) Hell... I do what I can for then all of the time. Even though I get nothing other than a place to stay and a meal or two a day. (Yeah... Money is that tight) I have been watching anime on as research for my reviews. Oh come on! Wouldn't you rather I knew something about the world setting the fanfic is bassed in? Wouldn't you rather I was able to give a more honest review because of it? I have been doing things like this for the entire time I've been here since I got my account here, and started reviewing fanfic... Well I've made a couple of friends here. and a couple more on in the chatango window. This is good. As I have at least some people other than family I can talk to. I just would rather hear a real voice. I have given a couple of them my phone number, but they just do not call. Just like my friends around here do not visit...I get to feeling alone, and unwanted by anyone exept my family, even then they sometimes make me feel unwelcome...It hurts, but I deal with it... Why is it though...That whenever someone has to take care of a dieing family member. All of that persons friends kinda abandon him/her? I meen really...I havent seen a person other than family here since the Superbowel... It kinda sucks...Kinda? No It really sucks... Well enough for now...Keep writting people..(I never have enough GOOD reading material)

3-24-08 I have read 1714 fanfics.

Why do I get the feeling that more and more people are reading this? My step mother Linda is feeling bad today. We went to my step sister's for Easter. Where I was largly ignored unless I was needed for my cooking skills. (Funny how this works I get invited to dinner, and then I have to do the cooking.) At least I was able to read fanfic while there. Getting Linda there and back was very hard on her, and she isn't getting out of bed today. Her face looks drawn, and pale. She hasn't thrown up in a few days. That is at least a good thing, but she is in such pain she can barely move. The cancer is doing a real number on her. I see her slowly being destoyed. Millimeter, after pain filled millimeter. I see her life leaving her, and I marvel at her continued will to fight it. Her cancer is killing her. slowly. Painfully. I marvel at the continued existance. The strength of spirit she shows me, and my dad daily. But she is dieing, and the strength she has. Is fading. Not fast, but fading just the same. Keep writting people...

4-28-08 I have read 1763 fanfics

Things are just crappy here right now. The day before yesterday We took Linda to the hospitol because of her breathing dificulties. Well... We dicovered that her cancer has spread more, and that new growth has wrapped itself around the artery that takes blood from the heart to the lungs. Also the growth rate of the cancer has accelerated. Instead of months, and years...Her lifespan is now measured in hours, and days. We are getting ready for her death, and burial. Not something that we even wanted to have to do right now, but as she has so little time left. My dad isn't tracking well at all, and I am not doing much better. I will be continuing to read/review as I can. If for no other reason than to keep my mind off of this crap... So keep writting people... I will be here as I can...

5-1-08 I have read 1765 fanfics

This entry is going to be a short one... 11:45 pm... On 4-29-08... Linda passed from this world... She is allready missed... We love her, and wish for God to hold her in his arms until she reaches her next life...

5-14-08 I have read 1778 fanfics

We burried Linda On 5-5-08. The day was warm, breezy, and the puffy clouds rolled by overhead. The funeral was short, and simple. A celebration by way of rememberance of her wonderous life, and a final farewell. We took her on the final walk we were ever going to have with her in this life. For my father. The last date he was ever going to have with his wife. The final thing I have done for her. The last thing I could do. Was to make all of the catering for the afterwards gathering of the family. I worked on all of the catering. Cooking, cutting, arranging on platers. All of the food that was going to be served. Sans a few items that were provided by other family members. Over fifty people showed up for that. We got re-aquainted with our kin. Formed closer ties of family. Closing our ranks so that even though we have lost someone dear to us. We are able to carry on.

One thing I remember doing for her. She started watching food network with me, and got to be a big fan of Iron Chef Bobby Flay. Well I am a really GOOD cook. So as something nice that I could do for her. So she could meet him for one, and so I could meet then beat the man. I challenged him to a contest. I challenged HIM to a "throwdown", but she died five days later. I then withdrew my challenge. Because the reason for doing it in the first place. Was gone...

Now that I am no longer needed to take care of that wonderfull soul of a woman. I am searching out another cook's position. I started looking for work on 5-6-08... I know... It is just... I need to be doing something... It may as well be something I love doing, and I may as well make money at it. I have been searching for work for a litle over a week now, and I have several GOOD prospects out there. I gave up so much to help my family out. Now it is time to get my life back.

This of course meens that I may be unable to read/review as much as I would like to. Do not worry... I will still be doing the read review thing... Just not as often as I would like. It was the reading, and reviewing that has kept me sane through all of this. Along with a few online friends, and the hope that things turn out as they should. Thanks for being here, and giving me something to do besides dwelling on the situation here during Linda's illness.

Keep writting people...

7-01-08 I have read 1814 fanfics

Well since I last updated my profile. I have made several decisions. 1. I am going to go for my mastery in my chosen profession. To do this. I will be attending Western Cullinary Academy in Portland Oregon. As soon as #2 happens. 2. I am going to work the potato harvest. To build up the funding for #1. It intails me working 15-20 hours per day for up to 3 months. But I will have several thousand dollers afterwards.

I will be reading/reviewing as I can. Though I do doubt that I will be able to for some time when I do start work in the fields. Then I will be moving as soon as I can get my car fixed, and find, or set up everything that I need for the beginning of the journey to my goal.

Keep writting people...

8-01-08 I have read 1843 fanfics

I haven't updated this in a while. I am still trying to get some kind of work to further my goals. Early potato harvest has started, and I am comming to see that the farmers around here are verry prejudiced. Against white folks. I can not seem to find work with any of the farmers around here. They think I am going to be some sort of lazy f#*k, and not work like the Mexicans can. I have been working since I was barely into puberty (Mostly resterant work). In 48 states before settling on the west coast. -sigh- I guess it is to plan b. Find any sort of work I can to bring me closer to my goals. I have been reading reviewing again more often until I have better employ, more employ, and am closer to my goal of gainning my mastery of my "Chosen" profession.

Keep writting people...

11-22-08 I have read 1928 fanfics

Yes I am still a reader/reviewer. Geesh I have read upwards of 25,000 pieces of literature since I learned how to read. So I CAN Tell a good Well presented, well structured, well thought out piece of work when I come accross one. Sheesh... Oh, and YES I am writting a story. Just not a fanfic. No I am Not going to post it to the web until it is done on paper first. I am back to square one in my quest for my mastery. A major hit to my pocket book has occured, and I am left with just enough in the savings to keep the acct open. Well I guess that just have to keep plugging away. I am currently readding/reviewing Ranma 1/2 fanfic. I am also readding some Love Hina as well. I just wish that there was more to say.

Keep writting people...

1-8-10 I have read 3402 fanfics

Hey everyone. I have been keeping to myself for the last year. Sorry... I have had some problems. First off the economy has stripped me of ANY chance to make it in this world. The occupation of my choice... My trade... Has taken hit after hit. My hope is fadding away. Soon I will be without a place to live. With no hope of getting another. Yes... It IS that bad. I am not one of those lazy naer-do-wells that are normal to the homeless in this society. It is just the fact that the work I do pays such, and the cost of just holding my own is so much more. I can not keep up. Oh LORD GOD I am trying to do all I can to keep afloat, and it isn't working. Secondly... My dad's health is failling now. I want so much to make him proud of me. Soon... I would not be able to do even that. The first winter I am forced to live out side in. Well... I supose that I will not be posting things here anymore after that. Because the first winter I have to live outside will kill me.

I am currently readding Naruto, Mercedes Lackey, and David Eddings fanfics. Reviews are few lately. As I haven't found much worth even reviewing. To those I have reviewed. Good job so far. Keep writting people...

8-8-11 I have read 10714 fanfics (WOW! I read well over 2 million words per week since I posted last.)

Hello people I am back. I see that the GOOD writters here are still writting exellent work. Life is still sucking, but at least I am not homeless. The economy is still suckage, and legit work really not available around here. My work has been piece work, and is all that has been keeping me afloat. Thank you U.S. government for really effing up my existance (I get the feeling that the gov. is really trying to kill me by making it impossable for me to live)

I am currently re-readding my favorites list. Any new Ranma fics over 20k words (Includes x-over fics.), and ALL updated stories I am following

Hey... I am really getting tired of advertisers who use a redirect program to force you off of this site to the site advertised. Then won't let you back to this site. They are using a malicious program to do so. It is an irritation. An anoyance, and what they are using can cause harm to your computer. I want to report them but do not know how well it would be recieved. (I do not want to cause undue hassle for the admin.)

Keep Writting people. (I never have enough readding material)

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