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I won't be updating for a while since a just lost a family member so I'm not sure how long it will be but hopefully I can update soon. I might be reading and reviewing but I don't have any motivation to write currently. Thanks to all of you who have reviewed any of my stories, I really appreciate it.

I'm just an average ok 13 year old who likes reading and writing and obviously watching YouTube. I don't consider myself to be really smart or a great writer and I don't expect anything to really come out of my writing, I just like to do it. My least favorite thing to write is realistic non-fiction stories only because I suck at it more than I do when I write things that aren't realistic (aliens, scp's, magic, etc). I have a full house, 4 sisters, 10 guinea pigs, 6 rabbits, and 5 tarantulas. I am Catholic and just got confirmed. I want to go into forensic studies when I'm older but honestly, I don't know what life will do to me since I've been alive for 13 years and not a whole lot of good stuff has happened but I'm fine with that. I'm really self-conscious and I usually try pretty hard to be my best self, especially with writing because I fear what other people might think about me. I sometimes put more effort into my not realistic stories because I just have more fun with those kinds of stories. I obviously enjoy fiction, sci-fi, historical fiction and that general genre of books because again, they're a bit more interesting to me than non-fiction. I like to draw but, like my writing, I'm not great at it. So basically I hope that I can improve a lot of things about myself because I want to be my best self. I joined FanFiction to improve my writing and get suggestions and things from people I don't know too well because I know that they won't sugar coat many things so I can see what people think of my writing.

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