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My name is A'isha. It is pronounced as A-ee-sha, but most of the people call me simply Aisha which is pronounced as ay-sha. I'm turning sixteen this coming December 23 and I'm already a freshman in college having Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Business Management as my pre-law. I'm from the Philippines and I am willing to meet my friends personally. But only those friends I know too much. Those I will not think as a kidnapper or bad people. I have this bad kind of thinking that I'd like to surpass anyone who is better than me. And I hate it whenever they improve as I still haven't. It implies with those who are close to me. May it be a friend, or best friend even. I envy too much and that it is almost the reason why I argue with my friends. I am a fan of Japanese and Korean fashion, songs, artists, drama, language, writing, anime, and many more. I am not one of the greatest author; I'm very far among your favorite authors. But I am ever so slowly trying to improve my skills in both writing and photography. I want to be someone who will have a name in industry. I am very bad that I want those I envy to, someday, bend their knees and ask for a job or help. I'm very sorry if I scared you, but I really think like that. Please don't worry, because you won't imagine how good I am. That is the only thing that is bad in my personality.


Hi everyone! So the recent news are just two. The first news, if anyone noticed, I deleted two stories. One is The Game of Love and the other is Maid in Love ABIDE MY RULES! I saved the chapters of those stories because I might have a change of heart and release a new version of them. The reason why I deleted them is because I've left them on hiatus for too long, and I couldn't think of what to write whenever I planned to update them. I'm trying my best to destroy that kind of habit with my other chaptered stories. Especially 100 days living with you.

The second news, I am working with my other stories left behind. What I mean is that I'm editing them. It's true and this time, I'm not lying. I really am going to finish editing my stories by the end of the year during my free time. I will start with 3 special days then to the recent, Not Even Death. I'm not going to touch Pure Snow and THE SCHOOL!, but I'm not sure with Because I'm A Girl. Because I'm A Girl is a very long one-shot and whenever I look at it, I feel like closing the window.


I'm changing my style by something that is really different with others. If you are reading my story, Let's Sing A Song, you'll see the difference. I don't know what it is that made my writing style change, but I think it is a good thing. Anyway, I write stories with ideas that just went in my head. You see, I don't plan my stories like other authors where they already know what will happen in the future of their stories. I just write whatever I want or could. And that is something really difficult; not talented. That is most probably the problem why I couldn't continue writing my other stories and end up deleting them. Somehow, I'm trying to get rid of that habit too. I'm starting to put plots of my chapters in a notebook filled with story ideas. So yeah, I know that my readers are not that concerned whenever I erase my stories. So that is really no big deal for me. By the way, I don't obsess with reviews anymore. I should really say my opinion about the review issues. You see, I realized that most of the authors who are not bothered whether they have reviews or not are those who are getting a lot of reviews. I mean, those who are famous. You know what I think? I think they treat reviews like that because they knew they would get lots of it in the end. And that really piss me off. I'm not like them. I am still bothered and anxious with the reviews I get, but I'm not overly obsessed with them anymore; to the extent that I'd beg my readers to review my stories. Of course I'll ask them to, but never beg them and threaten them. Not anymore.


If you want to say something to me, please don't hesitate to give me your message via email. My email for those things that has something to do with FFN is princess_chaegyung12@ If you want my Y!M or MSN, you can ask me about it in your email. I also have G-talk so in case you have it, add me! Because I don't want to post my instant messaging users here in my profile. And don't add the email that I posted to your Y!M's since I don't open that anymore.

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tumblr is just my photo blog. It's my blog where I post my newest shots that you can also find in deviantART. Although I also reblog the things that amused me or things that I can relate very much. LiveJournal is my important blog. It's where I write the updates in my life and my updates in my stories. For friendster, it's just site to see my friends and have connection to them. So that I can contact them any time. But I'm online in facebook most of the time. multiply is merely a site where I wander off. I'm not active there but I have it for a purpose of killing time.


These banners are made out of boredom. Please tell me if you are going to use it via email or PM. Then if you also want to make a banner for my stories, you can tell it to me too! I love accepting things, you know. Take note that once the story is taken, you're not allowed to make banner for it again unless I tell everyone to make banners for me again. And I can also make banners for everyone. Just give me the link of the story because I'll read and review it so that I'll know what kind of banner I shall make.

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Aren't they pretty? I love these banners so please do not steal them. I told you, I can make one for you. Thank you.

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I'm currently watching Dream High! And I'm addicted to 2PM, After School, SNSD, 2NE1 with SHINEE! c:

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