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Cyril Connolly said:

Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for your public and have no self.

About Shudder and Burn:

After I wrote this story, I posted it on (then deleted it from) this site to work on it and polish it up. Since then, I've had several copies of my book printed (Thank you, Bookpatch) and gave them to friends and family members, who have responded quite favorably. Once it's all done and edited completely, I'll have a few more copies printed (for posterity).

After nearly two years, I started posting chapters again to many positive reviews. Still, I research, study, polish, and edit (and edit and edit again), and then I read it again and edit some more. I am still editing it, as of today. Thankfully, I found a wonderful Beta-reader to help find the errors I've missed.

And when I make mistakes, I take the hits (not taking it out on the readers or my Beta-reader) and fix those mistakes. And I admit there have been some doozies. I've read through this story and edited it more times than I can count. First, I had to fix the glaring, "how the heck did I manage to do THAT" kind of mistakes (Like a plot hole so big one could a truck through it). It surprises me no one called me out on it. And I've run Word Editor AND Grammerly (and a couple of other FREE editing programs). Some mistakes haven't been (and won't be) caught by an app. Only real-live humans will find those. This is where you, my dear readers, come in.

And every day (literally), I find a different way to write a paragraph, or a bit of dialogue, in order to make it better (the characters deserve the best, don't they?), so I scrub and I polish and keep at it. Also, I've cut paragraphs out and taken dialogue out that didn't quite work. After two years of writing, I've trimmed it down from 647 pages to a mere 511 pages. That also doesn't include the 2nd book, now up to 278 pages. And now I've written a third story, What If...? (if Spencer met Susan in 2006, after the lecture at Georgetown). It brought up some interesting (legal and moral) issues regarding the age difference. I've been told I handled them well in my writing.

And every day, I am full of doubts, full of wonder at how this story came about in my dreams. And I'm full of questions, constantly trying to find the best way for my characters to tell their story, while honoring the characters we all know and love so well, by bringing them along for this ride. Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

If you have any advice that may help me become a better writer, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

I found some great writing tips online that I use - https://www.fanfiction.net/topic/91554/42621992/1/10-Easy-Tips

Thank you,


UPDATE: 9/18/2022- I'm working on editing, getting ready to send BOTH manuscripts to the printer. The set should be finished and ready to ship, very soon!!

For the anonymous review sent to me concerning copyrights, there are legal ways to get around those. And I'll be self-publishing my books.

If you are interested in being on the list for Shudder and Burn and Side Stories (for hard copies, or e-book), please drop me PM.


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