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I'm more of a reader than a writer but I just had to try my hand at a fanfiction. Oddly enough it's like reading a story while it's being created. Hopefully people will enjoy what I write. If not, then oh well.

Reviews would be appreciated since it would help me improve as I continue to write. Your reviews might also help to guide the story down a certain path should I find any of your ideas to be interesting enough to try so please don't be shy with sharing your opinion. I am rather open minded.

However, I do have a problem with people that tend to be closed minded jerks...

If people want someone to be a certain way, then they should do more than simply yell about how the person is not doing something properly.

For the sake of my sanity, I choose to treat Naruto and Naruto Shippuden as being similar to Full Metal Alchemist and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. They may share the overall plot, but the details are noticeably different.

That being said, writing fanfiction for any incomplete series seems to be a bad idea. Canon could have a grand reveal of something that totally changes the whole story while also causing fanfiction to require an author's note that informs the readers of when the fan-fiction story was made in relation to the fan-fiction author's progress through the canon story. Of course, that may not stop some people from being rude when they see a story "failing" to use or respect canon details, but I would hope that such steps might help reduce the number of instances.

Stories so far:

Forgiveness Of A Kitsune - Complete

A Kitsune and Her Yuki-Onna - Complete

Research Notes:

Instead of repeatedly making author notes about what I put into my stories, I figured it would be easier to mention my sources here. I may refer to them often but I still try to study the series they cover in case they miss something. An example would be how the Oiroke no Jutsu from Naruto is just a perverted use of the Henge no Jutsu according to external sources (ex: databooks). However, those same sources say that the hand seals for Henge are Dog, Boar, and Ram while Oiroke is just Ram. This fact alone isn't much of a problem since a ninja can reduce the number of hand seals used with plenty of practice.

The real problem is the fact Naruto formed six hand seals to use his Oiroke no Jutsu during the anime filler that had Konohamaru reacting badly to Tsunade becoming the new Hokage. Those hand seals looked like Horse, Dog, Boar, Ram, Hare, and Reverse Ram. If the two techniques are supposed to be the same thing despite how they are used for different things, then what's the deal with the different hand seals? Plus, if the Henge no Jutsu is supposed to be an actual transformation that is maintained by chakra and concentration, then what does that make the Oiroke no Jutsu?

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