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Hi peoples guess what...


Hi, i'm deborah. i live in my bedroom and loving reading books. My best friends are savanah, chelsey, kenz, and starr when i have nothing to do i go onto fanfic and read peoples stories.

Weird is good, strange is good, and odd is when you don't know which to call someone. Weird is the same as different, which is the same as unique, than weird is good.

Be crazy

Be stupid

Be wild

Be silly

Because life's to short to be cool

Be wild, and have excitement in your life because life isn't long enough

Dance like no ones watching

Sing like on ones listening

Sometimes you gotta smile and walk away... hold your tears in and pretend your okay.

some of my stories are notoriously short do to my terrible ability to write. for me i just have to get to the main point but i'm working on it. this is just a warning for why my chapters and stories are so short. My stories may also lack detail. sorry for the inconvenience please still read them. thanx:) ;)

if u have a question, comment, or idea about my stories please send me a message.

Quotes from movies-


Why should I sail with any of you? Four of you have tried to kill me in the past. (looks at Elizabeth) One of you succeeded. Captain Jack Sparrow

(Looking at the charts) "'Up Is Down'"...Now that's just madeningly unhelpful. Captain Jack Sparrow

Teen Titans-

Cyborg- 'Hey why dont we go out for waffles? Raven you like waffles dont you?'

Raven- 'More than life itself'

Beastboy- 'Dude! my tunes! they have been...alphabetized'

Beastboy- 'Ok sir"

Robin- "Seriously stop calling me that"

Beast Boy- Breaker, breaker. One-niner, this is Green Machine and Chrome-Dome calling Rubber Duck, coming at you on the flip-flop. Bear bait just dusted our britches going full throttle in the monster lane. Come on back.

Cyborg- Gimme that! Yo, Robin! You got company!

Beast Boy- Hello? Cy? Pick up! (Pause.) Come on, Cy, pick up! I know you're there. The phone's built in your arm!

Beast Boy- (To Cyborg) Dude, tell me about it. Bangers and mash? Bubble and squeak? Toad in the hole? Don’t British people speak English?

Cyborg- I was walking past a dark alley at night, and there was this weird old gypsy who says…
Gypsy- Mystical items at reasonable prices.
Cyborg- So I’m like, “Cool! What should I get? Brain in a jar? Monkey’s paw? Ooh, pie!”

Robin- (on the velociraptors) What did they say?
Beast Boy- Well, they want to eat us.

Beast Boy puppet-Dude. Get your BUTT outta my FACE.
Robin puppet-Can't. Move. DEAL with it.

Beast Boy- (after being dropped on his head) Is it just me or are we getting our butts kicked?
Robin, Raven- (in unison) It's just you.

Cyborg- I'm only going to say this once...Boo-yah.

Stargate SG1-

Carter- "Okya sir we're all set to go, How'd it go with the pentagon?"

Jack- "Well, they gave us the go-ahead to help the Azgard, it was just the name of our ship they wouldn't let me go through with." (Carter looks at him as though he had said somthing incredably stupid.)

Carter- "Sir we can't call it 'The Enterprise."

Jack- I'm telling you Teal'c if we don't get out of this soon I'm gonna lose it.

(Teal'c looks at him for the meaning of what he said.)

Jack- lose it is means go nuts, crazy, bonzi, no longer in possesion of ones minnd, three fries short of a happy meal, WACKO!

Quotes From Fanfic Stories I have read:



"I’d be shocked if you could here a stampede over your snoring."

True Love-


"Star I think for the sake of both Robin and yourself you don’t finish that sentence."

"BOOYA," shouted Cyborg. "Ha the first word out of your daughters mouth is from me."

"How did you manage to pay for all of this?"

She smiled at him and said,

"That’s for me to know and you to never find out."

He looked at her with a cocky grin on his face.

"I’m not the second best detective in the world for nothing Raven, I’ll find out how you did it one way or another."

"You can try Boy Wonder," she said smirking. "But you’ll never find out."

He smirked at her, she was challenging him and he knew it. He sighed and said,

"Sure Raven, you beat me I won’t figure it out…of course if it has anything to do with the currency difference between your Azerathean money and ours then I already know."

Her smiled turned to a frown and she grumbled,

"Damn you."

He laughed at her and kissed her quickly. He walked towards the door and said,

"It’s ok. I told you I’m not the second best detective for nothing."

What's the wrost that could happen?-


"This wacko Slade! HecapturedRobinonce,andmadehimhisapprentice,butRobinwasallgrrrrr! AndSladewasallMWUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHU!

"’Cause, if we take off your gloves, maybe we can get the cuffs off over your hands… unless… you want Doctor B.B. over there to perform his new found amputation skills on you."

Not Again-

Alexnandru Van Gordon

"What! You’re telling me even the criminals went to Gotham without me? What’s wrong with this picture? Why was I the only one left out of this little happy-sun-shine outing of yours…"

“Yeah. Yeah…I’m only invited when I’m need…Whatever. I’m almost at Gotham, so I’ll meet you at the docks. Y’all have a little more fun without me—and BB, try not to get your butt whipped.”

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