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I'm not really sure why anyone would be reading this, but just in case:

I'm Mountain Elements, and I do not plan to post any stories because I don't really enjoy writing. This account is for reviewing stories and for the Favorites and Alerts features.

I apologize if it seems like I flamed anyone. I try to only offer constructive criticism and not flame anyone, but I'm not very good at being diplomatic. I also have trouble telling whether an author is writing in order to improve their writing skills, to get reviews, or just to have fun.

Suggestion to Authors:

You can update your profile occasionally to let your readers know what's going on with your stories. In fact, please do. If you don't update your readers on the status of your stories, they may conclude that you, or at least your stories, are dead. Even if your stories are dead, it would be nice to get a confirmation so that your readers aren't left wondering.

Additional Suggestion to Authors:

I've read a lot of statements from authors that they lost their story outlines/ chapter drafts/ future chapters/ etc. when their computer crashed or when something happened to their storage device. My suggestion is to back up your important documents by emailing them to yourself, perhaps in another account if you don't have room in your current one.

There are a number of free email services out there, and you'll have your documents in both your Sent folder and in your Inbox. You can either attach the document to the email or copy and paste what you've written into the body of the email. You may want to do both, as copy and paste might eliminate the formatting, but you don't want to open an attachment that you sent from a computer with a virus on it. If this suggestion helps you, then please share it with others. I just hope that it will help authors keep posting their stories, even after computer issues.

What Kind of Stories I Read:

No one has asked me about this, but since this IS my profile, I figured that I should probably say something about myself. I generally try to only read COMPLETE stories, as I have a short attention span and a bad memory so I tend to get bored of stories when I have to wait for updates. Plus, adventure stories are more exciting when you can read straight through, and angst stories are easier to read when you can get to the happy ending quickly. That said, I often give in and read incomplete stories out of boredom, which leads to me anxiously waiting for an update and rereading the story repeatedly until it gets boring and I give up on it.

I prefer TRUE FRIENDSHIP stories with as little romance as possible. I'm definitely NOT a romance fan, though I do read some stories with romance in them. Usually, I'm reading them for some other aspect such as the humor or original plot device. I dislike citrus scenes and usually skip over them if I continue reading the story.

My short attention span also means that I sometimes give up entirely on fandoms that I previously really enjoyed. I often read stories from fandoms of which I'm unfamiliar with the canon. This works best with crossovers in the beginning. Any popular fandom usually has a lot of crossovers so you can start there and read your way into other fandoms.

My Favorites list is a bit outdated, as it includes stories that I haven't read in ages and is missing some of my more recent favorites. I tend to really like stories when I first read them and then see all the flaws when I reread them. These days, I usually send myself an email with the story's name, summary, and link, a description of what I liked and didn't like about it, and any other information I think is important. This works better with my bad memory than simply staring at the story's summary, trying to remember what happened in it.

Favorite Stories Not on This Site:

(Since links currently aren't working, I'm adding the addresses as well. Just remove the spaces and they should work.)

Voldemort in the Loony Bin : http :// mahaliem. livejournal. com/157090. html

Mother of Learning : https ://www. fictionpress. com/s /2961893/1/Mother-of-Learning

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