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“comfort after pain really was a dangerous drugs...”

...anyway, i'm just your ordinary half-Asian who likes everything that i feel like enjoying it. who's also having troubles to write their own stories, mainly struggling for making a scenarios, yet have lots of Plot in mind. so... yeah,

having a sort-temper and a mood-changes every goddamn moments makes me quite an easy going person, and often don't give a f*#ck about things i consider unimportant or i didn't interested in,

i often found myself enjoying, if not a little bit too much, a pairs that differs from the Canon pairs itself from each of the Series... an Unusual Pairingsif you may, ( ͝ ͜ʖ͡). besides the uniqueness of their own, it has its perks and seems too always intrigued me somehow~ ...also, the other reasons is that i sometimes grew bored by what the Original canon pairs from its Series gave us, or should i said...too mainstream, as people said it nowadays, (͡‿ ͡)

'cause having few other natives languages, English is not even my third-language by nature...so i'm always troubled by using it, for wanting to write my own stories about this said Unusual Pairings, and i stick to Reading some of the Stories that being shared by ones of the talented Authors that this Site provided to us for now,

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