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Also if anyone's interested I have every episode of the Teen Titans just click on the link below and you can watch them for free without having to download anything-


Favourite shows-

Glee (although series 2 was a bit disappointing, all it was about was everyone getting with everyone and Finn and Rachel)

Teen Titans


The Mentalist (totally loved series 3 finale!!!)

Big Bang Theory


Harper's Island

Being Erica

Skins (series 5 was a bit naff though)

Favourite Couples-

Teen Titans- Robin/Starfire, Cyborg/Sarasim, Kid Flash/Jinx

Glee- Emma/Will, Quinn/Puck, Kurt/Darren, Brittany/Artie

One Tree Hill- Brooke/Julian

Big Bang Theory- Leonard/Penny

TV Characters-

Teen Titans- my favourite is Starfire just because I love how optimistic she is and how she copes living on an alien planet and how she gets involved with all the Titans. Least is Raven, she's selfish, boring (when I say boring I don't mean because she likes to read) and is just horrible to her friends especially Beast Boy.

One Tree Hill- my favourite is Brooke, she has a pretty crappy life yet still tries. Like she was told she couldn't have kids, her boyfriend got with her best friend and her mother was a bitch. Least is Haley, she's just to perfect. She never does anything wrong, she's too much of a goody-two-shoes.

Glee- my favourite is Brittney cause she's just hilarious to watch. I dislike Rachel just because she's to in your face and it's always her singing!

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