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I have been reading fan fiction for over three years now, coming quite late to the idea of reading online, and have been writing since September 2020.

Mostly I write about Thunderbirds/Thunderbirds are Go, with my favourite character being Scott Tracy, and my bias is towards whump or hurt/comfort fics, although I do write fluff and family too! I especially love Wee!Tracy's.

I have branched out into Sherlock recently, but this is still very new to me and a side interest.

A lot of my fics originate from prompts on Tumblr, where you can find me as @janetM74 - send me a prompt if you want!

I have several WIP's on the go at the moment, and am slowly working my way through them. I haven't forgotten them! And yes, Lost is still on my mind...

Hope you have as much fun reading these as I have had writing them! Leave a comment if you like, even an emoji is fine, and I will reply.

For those who are also following me on AO3, just be aware that the number of fics are different there because I post 1000 fics as separate fics but here I publish them in a collection where appropriate.

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