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Joined Aug '19

Call me Rice, I generally read Naruto, MHA , HS DXD or Percy Jackson fics.

When it comes to Naruto and MHA I freakin hate Harem tags

In Naruto, Never liked FemxKyuubi or NaruXKyuubi.

Really don't like slow burns.

If I'm reading a crossover fic then generally, I like em when the MC is at their prime, like can't have a 12 Y/O naruto running around the MHA universe without anyone to teach em how to use chakra.

also to do with crossover fics. the MC has to travel dimensions, or time. Has to experience their own world, and transfer to another. can't be born in another world. Cant just call an OC Naruto while he has NONE of the same abilities.

Absolutely despise Fate, RWBY, StarWars, Worm and Sailor moon

I'm picky as fuck but if you also feel this way you can look through my favorites and find something you like

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