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Since I've now ventured into actually writing and posting stories in here, I felt I'd better introduce myself a little.

I'm a 27-year-old girl from Denmark, recently finished my MA in English (during which I have done literature and film studies) and am currently spending most of my time (when not working) on the amazing show that is Supernatural.

I love reading and reviewing stories in here - I tend to ramble a lot in my reviews (some of you might have noticed grins) if I find a story I really like. This also means that I have a growing list of 'to-review' stories that I intend to re-visit and ramble about sometime when life allows me to do so, so if I've favourited you or your story, I fully intend to write you a few words about it some day soon.

I especially love stories that explore the brother's relationship and personalities or otherwise provide insight into the show, but I'll read most things (though never wincest).

I tend to write what I like to read, which means that I'll probably tend towards angst and brotherly moments, probably with a dose of hurtSam or hurtDean along with it. I'll never write deathfics or wincest.

I owe FanFiction and the universe a huge thank you for letting me meet my beta, mentor, friend and sister, the generous, supportive, loving and amazingly talented MuffyMorrigan without whose advice, support and encouragement I'd never have gotten around to writing or posting anything at all. (What are you guys still doing here? Go read her stuff instead!)

I am currently co-writing a story with Muffy, it's called Cold Wind to Valhalla and is posted at her account

For those of you waiting for updates on the stories The Howling and A Curse Between Us - I'm still hoping to update on both soon, but work takes up a lot of my time at the moment (I've recently started my own business) so there's not that much time to play. I promise to finish both stories sometime, though, so I hope you'll stick around :)

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