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245Forbidden Love » by Esmerada007 What if? What if different decisions were made? what would happen if Angel had the ring of Amara? Would Angel and Buffy relationship actually stand a chance? complete rewrite of Buffy the vampire slayer . Review please
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, M, English, Hurt/Comfort & Romance, chapters: 37, words: 244k+, favs: 196, follows: 158, updated: 5/8/2020 published: 1/15/2009, Angel, Buffy S.
110The painful secret » by evilbuffyfan4eva Buffy had a child at the age of 14 and then in season 5 of buffy her daughter come to live with her, what will the scooby gang think? and what will happen when Buffy finds out that the person that caused her so much pain is trying to find her.
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, T, English, Friendship & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 22, words: 45k+, favs: 73, follows: 96, updated: 3/12/2020 published: 2/20/2009, Buffy S., Angel
499 Broken » by vixangel Buffy isn't handling Angel leaving, she's all broken so lets fix her! Buffy S4, Angel S1. Starts slow but gets better! Definate M. NOW COMPLETE..FINALLY lol. Thank you so much for your support. A good read I've been told, you know you want 2 D xxxx
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, M, English, chapters: 37, words: 117k+, favs: 405, follows: 187, updated: 3/9/2019 published: 10/24/2008, Buffy S., Angel
236Hyperion's Son » by Cornerofmadness Ten years after Angel gave up his son, Angel Investigations has a strange new case, one of the young new Slayers training with Buffy in LA has turned up dead just like a half dozen or so street kids leading Angel, Buffy and their friends into a very dark
Angel, M, English, Angst, chapters: 32, words: 161k+, favs: 72, follows: 43, updated: 9/22/2018 published: 9/11/2003
81The Bargaining » by evilbuffyfan4eva Buffy was brought back to life and now the scobbies have to help her through the pain, torture and torment she went through in hell.
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, M, English, Horror & Friendship, chapters: 16, words: 28k+, favs: 61, follows: 93, updated: 2/28/2018 published: 4/17/2009, Buffy S., Angel
158 Mixed Lives » by BuffyL Connor accidentally reunites Buffy and Angel, leading them into an epic battle of good versus evil.
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, T, English, chapters: 90, words: 227k+, favs: 226, follows: 64, updated: 4/1/2016 published: 12/14/2006, Angel, Buffy S.
288Her final gift » by bebe2580 No longer a one-shot. Bit of spoilers for 6x09, but AU from there, so be warned. Angsty to a fault. Completely suck at summaries, so better read. Hope it's worth your time... Rating might change in the future for... "freedom" purposes" reposted and improved!
Bones, T, English, Romance & Drama, chapters: 20, words: 120k+, favs: 259, follows: 309, updated: 8/27/2013 published: 12/10/2010, T. Brennan, S. Booth
776The Mistake in the Matter » by GretchenR Season 6... my way. Brennan returns with a secret, Booth returns with a girlfriend, the gang returns to the Jeffersonian, partners return to crime-solving... and nothing is the way they left it.
Bones, K, English, Romance & Angst, chapters: 29, words: 69k+, favs: 414, follows: 682, updated: 5/31/2013 published: 9/13/2010, T. Brennan, S. Booth
486Scourge Of Duty » by Tomy Begins right after the BtVS episode Bring On The Night and the AtS episode Rain Of Fire. Everything changes for Buffy when Angel turns up on her doorstep broken and part 32 posted
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, M, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 33, words: 74k+, favs: 447, follows: 379, updated: 1/27/2013 published: 2/19/2003, Buffy S., Angel
128Uncharted Lands » by AnnFleur My hiatus fic, post-6x23. Warning: Cuteness ensues. M-rated, a little angst, a little fluff. I'm hoping to write on this until we can watch Bones again.
Bones, M, English, Romance & Angst, chapters: 16, words: 54k+, favs: 138, follows: 203, updated: 3/20/2012 published: 5/25/2011, S. Booth, T. Brennan
4k+ Only Between Us » by sleeplessinatlanta Collection of one-shots, some really short, others longer. Some funny, some angsty, some sweet. But ALL should be steamy/sexy/sweet. ALL revolving around B/B and their smoking hot dynamic. COMPLETE.
Bones, M, English, Romance & Angst, chapters: 100, words: 142k+, favs: 720, follows: 493, updated: 11/26/2011 published: 8/25/2009, S. Booth, T. Brennan
447 The Anthropologist in the Accident » by Katniss730 Episode Tag for 6x09. This is set before the final scenes of the Doctor in the Photo. What if Booth hadn't been there to rescue Bones from the car?
Bones, T, English, Romance & Angst, chapters: 24, words: 32k+, favs: 461, follows: 399, updated: 6/18/2011 published: 12/23/2010, S. Booth, T. Brennan
81 The Definition of Insanity » by vixangel Ok probably been done before but Buffy and Angel have stayed in contact. What happens when Buffy stops hearing from Angel when he's at the bottom of the ocean! Better summary inside. M just in case ; x
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, M, English, chapters: 4, words: 15k+, favs: 153, follows: 76, updated: 6/5/2011 published: 5/8/2010, Buffy S., Angel
113Rain » by ScreamChosen The Scooby Gang have something to give to Angel before resurrecting Buffy.
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, M, English, Tragedy & Angst, chapters: 24, words: 40k+, favs: 55, follows: 67, updated: 6/1/2011 published: 1/15/2008, Buffy S., Angel
880 If The Fates Allow » by GCatsPjs Sometimes Love is More Frightening than Death.
Bones, T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Angst, chapters: 22, words: 54k+, favs: 266, follows: 254, updated: 3/10/2011 published: 12/22/2010, T. Brennan, S. Booth
8 I Can't Take It by twenty1down Brennan takes leave, unable to stand watching Booth's happiness. Will he be able to save their partnership? B&B one shot. Re-post.
Bones, K, English, Romance & Hurt/Comfort, words: 1k+, favs: 23, follows: 3, 3/5/2011, T. Brennan, S. Booth
81 Remember Me? » by twilitbones This is my first fan fiction, please be kind. The story is about Brennan and how she realises she needs a change in her life, but maybe the change she gets isn't the right one. Will Booth come to her rescue? Will Hannah be gone? Please read to find out.
Bones, T, English, Angst & Romance, chapters: 25, words: 38k+, favs: 91, follows: 65, updated: 2/13/2011 published: 2/2/2011, T. Brennan, S. Booth
80 Save me from the house of horrors! » by lilalo264888 With him everything was perfect. Patrick was good looking, very generous and most of all a sweet and tender boyfriend... Until three months ago, that day he slipped and became his true self...which turned out to be A MONSTER! M-rated for last chapter ;
Bones, M, English, Angst & Romance, chapters: 21, words: 37k+, favs: 56, follows: 74, updated: 2/12/2011 published: 12/21/2009, S. Booth, T. Brennan
77The Admission in the Letter » by Mezzo187 After Booth's relationship with Hannah reaches a certain point, Brennan has some revelations and decides to leave the Jeffersonian again. She tells Booth about her decision in a letter. How will he react to the departure of his partner? Season 6.
Bones, T, English, Angst & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 6, words: 10k+, favs: 70, follows: 174, updated: 2/2/2011 published: 11/28/2010, T. Brennan, S. Booth
4 Forgiven » by BeginningAnew Hannah and Booth are over. Hannah told Brennan the truth of how Booth still loves her. This is what happens when two lovers forgive each other. It's rated M for a reason.
Bones, M, English, Romance, chapters: 2, words: 1k+, favs: 41, follows: 4, updated: 1/28/2011 published: 1/27/2011, S. Booth, T. Brennan
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