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Severus and Hermione Snape PM
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So yeah. Hello there! As to start, I'm a Professor Severus Snape fan, it started years ago after watching Harry Potter and Severus really got me. When I was younger, around 12 years of age, I've seen Harry Potter already, but I do not pay attention to movies that much before, but I remember this big guy with long black hair and also dressed in all black. I even thought that time that he's a gay, yeah, u read it right, I thought he's a gay, I don't even realise that time that after few years, hell got me and I'll fall for him. Goodness, now, at this right time, I'm very mesmerized by him, I can't seem to let him go, I like him before but I love him now. Alan Rickman portrayed Severus Snape very well, Al really did a great job and left us a beautiful memory. Alan Rickman was such a tall, genius, very handsome and truly, madly, deeply sexy man. I'm only in my 20s and he got me really well. I love him so much and he'll be in my heart... Always

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