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If I Die Young

Hello everyone! To all who submitted to this story, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your subs brought this story to life and each Tribute you sent me was imbued with creativity and vibrancy. This did end up being a partial, which unfortunately means I did not have room for every Tribute sent my way. Please know that I enjoyed every Tribute and if I rejected yours, it was nothing personal. I am so excited to go on this journey with you all and write these amazing kids, and without further ado, I present to you the wonderful cast of If I Die Young.


D1F: Filler

D1M: Marquis Kennedy (LadyCordeliaStuart)

D2F: Filler

D2M: Tremor Atilius (Harley00)

D3F: Arcadia Wilson (QueenforFunerals37)

D3M: Filler

D4F: Naya Illumina (Paradigm of Writing)

D4M: Caldwell Kingsen (Paradigm of Writing)

D5f: Columbia Novella (HumanWiki)

D5M: Callisto Novella (HumanWiki)

District Six Tribute: Dria Isatis (TheatreKidUnknown)

D6M: Blade Cassidy (Nautics)

D7F: Wren Camphor (paperthorn)

D7M: Filler

D8F: Felicia Rae Simmons (KatDog42)

D8M: Filler

D9F: Luz Contreras (rising-balloons)

D9M: Asa Trevino (rising-balloons)

D10F: Jacqueline Baylor (SakuraDreamerz)

D10M: Buck Taurean (KxngOli)

D11F: Filler

D11m: Filler

D12F: Filler

D12M: Alessio Spades, 18 (QueenofFunerals37)

And there you have it! I can't wait for everyone to meet these amazing Tributes. Intros soon!

"Hello, would you like to destroy some evil today?"

Miri. She/her. Teenager, daydreamer, theater nerd, Bookworm, Blind, Introvert, Christian.

"Just because I can't see the stars doesn't mean I can't reach for them."

INFP-T, Edgedancer Sanderfan, Hufflepuff, Apollo's Daughter, Lunar, District Eight, water elementalist.

"I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right."

I have a collab with Lexi, it's right over here! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13899154/1/Happily-Ever-After-the-124th-Hunger-Games

"The question is not whether you will love, hurt, dream and die. It is what you will love, why you will hurt, when you will dream and how you will die. This is your choice. You cannot pick the destination, only the path. They will try to define you by something you are not. Don't let them."

PM me with questions, story/submission/co-writing requests or if you just need to talk. Don't be afraid to ask questions about my blindness either; my door is always open.

"Yes, yes, aim for the sun. That way if you miss, the arrow will fall far away, and the person it hits will likely be someone you don't know." (The rest are inspirational but this is basically my sense of humor in one sentence.)

You matter. You aren't perfect, but that's what makes you perfect. Let your beauty shine.

"The wound is the place where the light enters you."

An Intriguing Tradition (SYOC has Closed.)

The Royal Family

Queen Levana Blackburn (54): Levana Blackburn is said to be the fairest queen of all. She's lived through plenty - her husband's death, the near takeover of her throne and the weight of many unlawful deeds on her shoulders - but isn't done yet. Charismatic, sophisticated and seemingly unruffled, she is loved, feared or hated by all she meets.

Fairytale Inspiration: The Evil Queen (Snow White)

King Consort Kaito (39): Kaito began life in the Eastern Commonwealth as the prince, but was thrown into the mess of Linh Cinder and her allies at the age of nineteen. After falling in love with Cinder, he was part of the plan in overthrowing the Lunar throne. After Cinder's death, he was forced into an alliance and marriage with Queen Levana. Sarcastic, noble and still heartbroken, Kai is only a shadow of his former self. He has found peace in his son, however, as the two are very close.

Fairytale Inspiration: Prince (King?) Charming (Cinderella)

Prince Obsidian Blackburn (19): Having been born on Luna and raised with two very different people, Obsidian isn't your average fairytale prince, despite his good looks and obvious charm. Because his father is Earthen, Obsidian (or Sid, as Kai calls him,) isn't very adept in his gift, so he's had to try extra hard to find his place on the court. He may seem unruffled and above human emotions, but he's smarter and kinder than many see or give him credit for. Having been raised in the fabled city of Artemisia, he can't help but be a little spoiled and haughty at times, outwardly distrusting of all Earthens besides his father, and completely baffled by all forms of technology. Despite this, he's rarely flustered, good at hiding his emotions, and kinder than most of the Lunar aristocrats.

Fairytale Inspiration: The prince (The Princess and the Pea)

Evret Hayle: Levana's deceased husband, Evret was a former guard who was married to Levana before he was killed by a thaumaturge. Levana was said to have cried for hours after this event, and despite her cruel nature, she really did love her husband. Evret is the father of Winter, known to be very gentle and kind.

Princess Winter Hayle-Blackburn: Winter was the stepdaughter of Queen Levana who was well-loved by many. She was incredibly beautiful without glamour, despite Levana's attempts to mar her lovely appearance. in fact, after she turned twelve, she vowed never to use her gift. She held to that promise until her mother had her poisoned out of jealousy at seventeen, right when the revolution was at its peak. She died of Letumosis and is missed by many, even if she never could've become queen.

Fairytale Inspiration: Snow White

Princess Selene (Linh Cinder) Blackburn: Cinder is a very prominent figure in history after her attempt to overthrow Queen Levana and take back what was rightfully hers. She was the daughter of Queen Channary, Levana's older sister, but was caught in an 'accidental' fire at three and was believed to be dead. This was just a fabrication, however; Selene was sent to Earth with the help of a Lunar doctor Logan Tanner and lived in a comatose state until her cybernetic surgery at age twelve. Selene moved to New Beijing with the name Cinder (since she rose up from the cinders of her previous injuries), and lived a very ordinary life until the age of sixteen when she discovered her true identity as the princess. At this time, she met the emperor, Kai, and many other companions. She proceeded to start the first revolution in Lunar history, causing quite a stir and leaving a historical mark on the Lunar legacy. Unfortunately, she was caught by a thaumaturge, imprisoned, and later publicly executed by her own hand. She never got to marry Kai (the two were very much in love), or accomplish her goal, but Luna is by no means back to the way it was. There are some very determined people out there just waiting to finish what Cinder started.

Fairytale Inspiration: Cinderella

The Selected:



Cyborg: Danya Fajr Kader, age 18, unemployed by SenseiGrace

The United Kingdom:

Earthen: Alaïs March Glass, age 17, watchmaker by Frenchie is French

Earthen: Adalyn Rosemary Johann, age 18, teaching assistant by Loganmcdonnell

Australia: (Filler Characters)

The European Federation: Shell: Ilyzaelle "Lyza" Persea Helianthas, age 21, ambassador in training by Sylea,

Lunar: Snezhana "Zhana" Mitrofanovna Sokolova, age 17, nursing home worker by Morethanjustastory

Earthen: Fia Gillian, age 17, Homeless; street seller by MarieLoi

The Eastern Commonwealth:

Cyborg: Lán Hua, age 20, boxer by The-sweater-sloth

Earthen: Ariella "Ella" Eun-hye Song, age 19, aspiring investigative journalist by Cookiedoodles168

Africa: Cyborg: Zaire Amil Princew, age 20, jewelry/fabric seller by Blueroses18


Artemisia (The Capitol.): Asteria Luminesca Luster, age 20, unemployed by me

Crystal Adele Ond, age 20, unemployed by MarieLoi

Aaina Ilaria Geoul, age 18, servant and seamstress by Angeley

Andromeda "Medea" Anastasia Aphrodite Andrendian, age 20, Unemployed (Unkown Race) by IUsedToBeASpyLongAgo

The Outlying Sectors: Pangea "Gea" Galaxy Probert, age 20, Agricultural Sector (AG-7) by GreenWithAwesome

Research and Depelopment (RD-1): Melolina "Mel" Deira Sethuraman, age 18, aspiring scientist by Emau

My SYOC Characters

Britta Selene Silks: The sweetest Rebel you'll ever meet, It Takes a Nation by Jenhen48 (Introduced)

Crescent Cosette Baker: A lady should be seen and not heard, How to Become Royal by Hazel Sparks Fly (Introduced)

Lexine Mae Chorus: Forced to be independent way too early, but still smiling nonetheless, Break My Pride by roseandfoxes (Discontinued, 4th place!)

Charlotte LaRouge: Charming as can be, but only for protection, If the Tiara Fits by iiCookieCrumble \unintroduced)

Ashia Onelle: The quiet caretaker, Brothers by Abizeau (Made it to Elite, story complete!)

Peony Corele: No choice but to be brave, Champions of Death by Luka11303 (Unintroduced)

Danica Rivera: A sassy chef with a need for approval, A Light In the Darkness by MichaelXClaire1996 (Introduced)

Emilyn Mends: Shy maid with little self-esteem, A Light In the Darkness by MichaelXClaire1996 (Unintroduced)

Winter Fleur Nalette: Stand-offishness is a shield, A Light In the Darkness by MichaelXClaire1996 (Unintroduced)

Minuette Rose: Secrets kept, smiles ever-present, The Court of the Crown by Slytherwitch (story discontinued, place unknown)

Faylinn Angeline Thorne: I mean well, but you look hideous in that dress, A World of Ashes by The Cruel Pringle (Unintroduced)

Gillian Silks: Always the hero, Dollhouse by BradiLain (Deceased)

Holland Sage, Shy marine Biologist who OBVIOUSLY doesn't have a crush on the princess: Falling by Loganmcnonnell (Story Discontinued, Place unknown)

Iliana Magenta Serinabella Mendoza: There's more to this stunning actress than meets the eye; Vanilla: A siamese aristo-cat with a love for the spotlight, A Cat's Choice by Loganmcdonnell (discontinued, place uknown.)

Jubilena Pin: Life is like a box of chocolates... or a nightmare, or fairyland, it really depends on the day, Vying by Dirtwolf (Deceased, Story Copplete!)

Agentille Savior: I'll do anything to win; what's the cruelty in that?, City of Angels by Halloumi (story discontinued)

Klymene Cascade: Party party party!!, The Almost Quarter Quell by Ellalovesmusicaltheatre (introduced)

Navina "Nina" Steiner: The advocating comedian, Painted Wings by BradiLain (Unintroduced)

Malinata "Mal" Minthe: the wistful wordsmith, No Body No Crime by Gomex (unintroduced)

Cristobal Chanel, the muted musician, Swing Vote: Deceased

Olivette Beaushene: the tender toymaker, Mask of Shadows; (introduced)

Azalea "Zalie" Sylventi, the beleaguered baker: Heart of a Champion by VeneratedArt (unintroduced)

Archimeda Flare, the Kaz Brekker inspired that nobody needed, We the People by Linds (pending)

Jem Silvers, seizing the day, These Fractured Minds by Mykindleisawesome (pending)

Fantina Blasphemy: wish me on my way, The Criminal Games by Wiifan2002

Marya Linder: the gentle governess, Follow the White Rabbit by N3b

"Great is thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me."

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