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4/22/21 @3:49PM EST

Borne of Caution's hiatus is over and it's now back in my update cycle.

I am the inventor of Sex 2.

Wanna waste your money? See www (dot) p @ treon (dot) com/fuggmann

BIG REMINDER. Anyone who holds their fanwork hostage behind a paywall is a self-absorbed cringelord.

You can find my work here, Ao3, SpaceBattles, and Royal Road

The Mozambique Drill[1] also known as the Failure Drill, Failure to Stop drill, Djibouti Shooty, or informally, "two to the chest, one to the head,"[2] is a close-quarters shooting technique that requires the shooter to fire twice into the torso of a target (known as a double-tap to center of mass), and follow up with a more difficult headshot that, if properly placed, will instantly stop the target.


For your pleasure.

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