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Hello my FF peeps,

Welcome to the event notice many of you have been waiting for, yes I mean that one. It's the 2nd Annual Zen's Rade One Shot Contest!

I still remember how last year's was so successful and how I was introduced to some of my closest friends in that contest. Very fond memories and I remember the one shots many of you wrote just for my birthday. Such a special feeling that was. Anyways, there were certain rules in that contest and this time, on the advice of my two secret judges, most of those are going out the window. So, here are the very few rules guidelines that are made for this year's contest.

*The conest is being held between December 1st through December 31st. A full month to give time to think and plan.

*The pairing must be Rade related but can be combined with other pairings. Ex: Rorade.

*No word limit, though the more you have , the better your chance of winning is.

*Your story can be a one shot, up to a three shot. Quite a few of you have PM'd me about wanting more time and space to develop the short story, so here it is.

*Last and most importantly, love what you will write. If you don't love your story, no one else will.

All stories will be judged fairly and equally, hence why my judges are secret once again to prevent...smooching the buttocks. It will judge by a point system that I found the most fair and reliable, preventing favorism.

*Up to five points for each section.




Overall Enjoyment

So, everyone has time to think about it and start working on their idea. Remember to mark your summary with the hashtag #ZenRadeContest for your story to be entered. I hope we can double this year's entries and really make the Rade section pop out this year. It's Victorious' last year so let's make it shine.

Geez, I just went there, didn't I? Ignore that last bit.


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Mine - Completed

20 Love Stories of Us - Ongoing

Perfect to us - Ongoing

Robbie's Journal - Completed

Possibilities - Completed

BloodRade: The series - Ongoing

You changed me - Hiatus

List of current collab stories:

With Braxenimos

Lust vs. Love - Completed

With Jonathan81

OutBound - Ongoing (On his profile)

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