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AlexanderTheWriter PM
Joined Sep '19, USA

Hi I'm Alex! I've always been a fan of Fanfiction and now I've decided to write my own.

Favorite Fandoms:

Star Wars (legends and Disney)

Jurassic Park/Jurassic World


Favorite Hero:

Captain America

Here are some of my favorite Movie Quotes:

Rey: I'm from nowhere

Luke: No ones from nowhere

Rey: Jakku

Luke: Alright that is pretty much nowhere

-Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Captain America: AVENGERS...Assemble

-Avengers: Endgame

Ian Malcolm: That's how it all starts but later there's running and screaming

-The Lost World Jurassic Park

So now that You know a little about me, get ready to read some of my stuff!

UPCOMING PROJECTS (No timeline on when they might happen but just know that they are planned!)

Untitled Game of Thrones/ Star Wars Crossover (Rated M because its GOT)

Star Wars: Forces of Fate:
A Star Wars AU where Finn is a Jedi along with Rey. Possibly will be Rated M or T

Untitled Star Wars AU with Finn being the Jedi (Possibly rated T)

Jurassic Wars: Dominion (Sequel to Jurassic Wars Fallen Kingdom, Rated T)

Titans of the Force 2 (Sequel to Titans of the Force, Rated T)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi re-write
My take on Last Jedi (rated T)

OC Characters

Cole Ryder

Based off: Erron Black (MK X) and Starlord (MCU)

Allegiance: Resistance

Weapons: Dl-18 pistol, IQ-11 Sniper rifle

Theme song: Outlaws and Outsiders by Cory Marks Feat. Ivan Moody and Travis Tritt and Mick Mars

First Appearance: Between a Rock and a Hard Place: A Star Wars Story

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