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Hello all!

The pen name suggests it, I am obsessed with bears. The other obvious thing about me is that I am obsessed with anime and fanfiction. The favs so far are Gundam Wing A/C, Naruto, Bleach, Blood Plus, Prince of Tennis, Samurai 7, Moribito, Lelouch of the Rebellion, Samurai Horror Tales, and a few others that I've watched also. I'm a relatively new author to the Naruto-fandom.

I have two stories under my belt! Reading Totems was my first creation. Read the misadventure of Paige Stone as she's thrust into a world with shinobi and takes an interest in a certain bug-loving ninja. An Interlude of Bears and Insects is my other fic. In this we see how Paige deals with Shino being away on mission and trying to integrate more readily into Konoha. Additionally, I start the background work for a future collaboration with author CasaHouse and his OC Drake!

Personal stats: Age - 27, Height - 5'2", Weight - wouldn't you like to know. Recently joined up with a bunch of crazy historical reenactors, and am loving every minute of living history! I also have been honored by being invited to attend monthly dances with a band of Creek Native Americans.

Current Projects: Collaboration with CasaHouse and a fic featuring the much neglected Ibiki and another new creation of mine!

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