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My name is Bradi. I am awful at introductions, but basically I love to write and decided to have a second chance of trying out fanfictions in the hopes that I can one day pen a full novel. I love to write, read, sing, and act. I'm a pretty typical young adult, life consists of work, work, and more work.

My dogs are some of my most valued friendships - I have four Shih Tzus named Gerald, Chunkers, Millie, and Theodore. I actually work full time in a pet store, so having animal knowledge is also one of my most noticeable features.

Disney is one of my all time favorite things as well, and I pretty much will stan anything that their animation studios make. My favorite character is Megara, my favorite princess is Elsa, my favorite villain is Scar, my favorite movie is either Emperor's New Groove or Brother Bear, and my favorite prince is Hans (dont @ me).

I also enjoy creating characters, so you can find some of my dolls in multiple SYOC kinds of stories - keep an eye out there! Once I get the confidence to not butcher other people's babies I'll probably try to create one! I'm an open book and I always am looking for constructive criticism or good conversation, so don't hesitate to send me a PM for any reason and I'll try to get back to you!


T H E _S E L E C T E D

Brielle Bennet (X of 35) -- Roses In Ink by Imbal45 -- a chameleon on the stage but that can't hide the bruises on her face -- 21 year old Two from Fennley -- [IN THE RUNNING]

Talullah Brewstone (10 of 35) -- Break my Pride by Roseandfoxes-- a southern belle pottery artist with a ring in her pocket -- 20 year old Two from Sumner -- [ELIMINATED]

Carlisle Martimus (X of 35) -- Falling by LoganMcDonnell -- magic hands and a sultry smile -- 23 year old Three from the Sonage -- [IN THE RUNNING]

Enju Fujikawa (X of 35) -- Happiness is a Butterfly by G G Madden - business in the front and also business in the back, it's all business actually -- 23 year old Two from the Labrador -- [IN THE RUNNING]

Lucille McKinley (10 of 35) -- The Game of a Crown by Fairysecret01-- celebrity by blood aquarium enthusiast by heart -- 18 year old Two from Sota -- [ELIMINATED]

T H E _H U N G E R_ G A M E S

I N _T H E _F L E S H

Seok Pae (X of 24) -- Faded Memories by IVolunteerAsAuthor-- like a diamond in the sky -- 18 year old Male Tribute for House Princeton/Shelby -- [GROWING UP]

Eros Worshire (X of 24) -- Justice by Josephm611 -- ice ice baby, vanilla ice ice -- 18 year old District 2 Male Tribute -- [REAPED]

Cosette Fabray (X of 24) -- Six Feet Under by JabberjayHeart -- delusional to limos’ high heavens -- 18 year old District 4 Female Tribute -- [REAPED]

Ambrose Lovett (X of 24) -- Damnatio Memoriae by Berrybush123-- he bakes, he smiles, we’re swooning -- 17 year old District 7 Female Tribute -- [REAPED]

Pandora Reginae (X of 24) -- Rage Towards It by Elim9 -- happy to be along for the ride -- 15 year old District 5 Female Tribute -- [REAPED]

Rolan Joralemon (X of 24) -- As High as Gods by Athena127 -- don’t worry he stalks everybody like that -- 17 year old District 6 Male Tribute -- [REAPED]

Nile Shadid (X of 24) -- A Song for Snakes and Rats by Mangesboy01 -- a show of brute force and self mutilation -- 18 year old District 2 Male Tribute -- [REAPED]

Bonnie Byrd (16 of 24) -- Domestic Tranquility by Ladyqueerfoot -- a hoe, but a fun hoe -- 17 year old District 9 Female Tribute -- [REAPED]

I N _T H E _G R A V E

Marleigh Gaskawee (4 of 24) -- Premonition by JosephM611 -- if dumb and smart could coexist -- 18 year old District 5 Female Tribute -- [DECEASED]

Delaine Ford REBORN (5 of 24) -- Project Rebirth by IVolunteerAsAuthor -- a frightened ballerina damned from the stage -- 18 year old Female Tribute for Hazel-- [DECEASED]

Sonora Cauley (7 of 26) -- Vying by Dirtwolf-- a darling dreamer among the wheat stalks -- 16 year old District 9 Female Tribute -- [DECEASED] {winner of the 2020 SYOT Server Awards for best D9F}

Romeode Monterrey (9 of 24) -- Pity Party by Gomex -- wherefore art thou romeode -- 17 year old District 12 Male Tribute -- [DECEASED]

Finn Caraway (10 of 24) -- Pushing Up Daisies by JabberjayHeart -- a dedicated and unquestioning farmhand -- 17 year old District 11 Male Tribute -- [DECEASED]

Bonnie Byrd (16 of 24) -- Domestic Tranquility by Ladyqueerfoot -- a hoe, but a fun hoe -- 17 year old District 9 Female Tribute -- [DECEASED]

Delaine Ford (18 of 24) -- A Poem of Swine and Wrath by Magnesboy01 -- a frightened ballerina damned from the stage -- 16 year old District 6 Female Tribute -- [DECEASED]

Adaire Iglesais (21 of 24) -- A Hero's Welcome by Bobothebear -- faultless and flawless queen bee -- 16 year old District 7 Female Tribute -- [DECEASED]

Callista ‘Calico’ Cantonburough (26 of 26) -- Vying by Dirtwolf-- on all levels except physical she is a cat -- 13 year old District 11 Female Tribute -- [DECEASED] {winner of the 2020 SYOT Server Awards for best parody tribute}

DOLLHOUSE: the 102nd hunger games

www. throughthedollhousecurtains. weebly. com

Dollhouse Tribute Roster

District 1 Male - Arius Armani by Halloumi III District 1 Female - Bethany Joy Carrington by IVolunteerAsAuthor

District 2 Male - Milo Montgomery by Strawberrypoppingcandy III District 2 Female - Raven Ishali by Slytherindauntless

District 3 Male - Scandal Rotheram by Carrot Lord III District 3 Female - Nevaeh Loiterra (filler)

District 4 Male - Lachlan Aberforth by Ladyqueerfoot III District 4 Female - Kukla Kuria by Firedawn'd

District 5 Male - Quark Kirchoff by Rysaspirit III District 5 Female - Alina Chandler by Annabeth-TheTributeThatLived

District 6 Male - Drey Attison by Neb88 III District 6 Female - Henrietta Maglev (filler)

District 7 Male - Uriah Lennox (filler) III District 7 Female - Emmeline Claytan by audreyoctopus

District 8 Male - Ezekiel Iroh (filler) III District 8 Female - Gillian Silks by AuroraMiri25

District 9 Male - Declan Overhauser (filler) III District 9 Female - Jocelynne Scape (filler)

District 10 Male - Raul Villalobos by Josephm611 III District 10 Female - Avril Bellwillow (filler)

District 11 Male - Amir Dequaire (filler) III District 11 Female - Viola Wynn by Silversshade

District 12 Male - Asher Blake by Z-fun2001 III District 12 Female - Gemini Petris by The-Sweater-Sloth

Painted Wings Information and Application

a. Illea is still divided into castes in this verse, but they run a little bit differently. Instead of Cass' original castes, now it is divided more by salary than by specific jobs. 1 is the royal family, religious figures are no longer included in this category. Two is celebrities or other millionaires that bought into the caste, like professional athletes or pop stars. Three is lower level celebrities as well as the high ups of business, including CEOs, successful directors, art/food critics, business owners. Most average jobs would be Fours - including government jobs like teaching, police, firefighters, etc as well as smaller family owned businesses. Higher wage jobs would be things like engineers, head chefs, people in management positions, etc. Students in university also are considered fours while they're in schooling. Fives are artists that are making a living, also including things like hair stylists, nail technicians, graphic designers, etc. Sixes are workers within a business (like retail, waters/waitresses, receptionists, life guards). Sevens are jobs that are low paying and often labor intensive including construction workers, housekeepers, landscaping, etc. Eights are anybody that is above 18 and not employed, whether they be disabled, homeless, or anything else. If you are unsure where your girl would fall, don't hesitate to ask me and we can figure it out together!

b. Illea is much more tech savvy than it was in the main series. It is not unusual for people to own cars or smartphones, social media influencers can easily get to be as high as caste two, and there are not a lot of people that don't know about the internet. The country itself is also more progressive with allowing people to move caste by their work ethic as well as helping those in need, meaning that it is less likely for large swathes of people to be impoverished.

c. There was an 'incident' with Prince Miles that caused him to go into a coma for six months when he was fifteen years old. Although nobody is for certain the reason why, many rumors have gone around - from a drug addiction to a secret rebel attack to some illness that the king and queen won't tell the public about. Nothing is certain other than many in the country worry about his ability to be a leader and his public image isn't fantastic after years of silence where nobody knows where he went.

d. I am not putting a hard cap on girls that are included, but I'm hoping to stay within the range of 8-16 as to keep each girl interesting and hopefully memorable. As soon as I have decided a girl will stay, I will put her officially on the list, although I may end up switching provinces around if I deem necessary. Please keep in mind that if your girl isn't accepted immediately it is probably due to my somewhat hectic schedule. I'm also hoping to keep girls fairly distinct from each other, so I'm not looking to accept three broody girls or seven social media stars. With that said, however, I'm not terribly picky and if you're willing to tweak things then I can almost guarantee I can find a spot for her somehow!


Name: [please include ‘nickname’ if there’s something else she goes by]

Age; [birthday, 18-24 years old]

Caste: [Please see details about changes to the caste system in rules above, but contact me through PM or through discord for any questions]

Province: [Please list three in order of most preferred to least preferred]

Occupation: [if a student, please give me her major and/or minor]

Personality: [As detailed as you can make it, because I will use this to judge how she treats other Selected, the staff, the royal family, etc]

Backstory: [Any important events through her life? Anything that would’ve shaped her into who she is today. This can be in whatever format is easiest for you, I don’t mind a narrative and I don’t mind a list.]

Important Relationships: [Immediate Family, friends, past relationships that have an impact. I’d like to know briefly what they act like, what they look like, and how they interact with your gal.]

Face Claim: [If you can’t find one, I can offer suggestions, but it will help me remember her appearance more easily.]

Appearance: [Body shape, skin tone, hair, eyes, and any distinguishable features, scars, piercings or tattoos, etc. Anything I wouldn’t already see from the FC and things that might change from picture to picture like hair style.]

Personal Style: [What kind of things would she wear? What clothing items would she not be caught dead in?]

Reason for Entering the Selection: [Could be as simple as because she wanted to, or maybe she wanted the crown or money, or maybe she wants to find love.]

Opinion on the Selection: [Specifically, the updated version that the family has chosen, which goes even harder on the ‘game show’ vibes. Does she believe this is a way to find true love?]

Approach to Crown Prince: [Does she have prior thoughts or feelings on the Prince? How would she initially treat him?]

Social Media: [How does she feel about most social media apps? Which kinds would she more often use and for what purpose? Would she follow the Prince on his socials? What would her username/handle be? How many followers does she have?]

Audition Video: [In this story, every girl needs to send in a video with her application, introducing themselves and saying why they should be picked for the competition. It would be no longer than five minutes. Tell me how her video would go.]

Hobbies: [What does she enjoy doing in her free time? I will use this to determine good ideas for dates and such.]

Fun Facts: [Just to flesh her out, what are some fun facts she would say about herself as an icebreaker? Anything fun about her worth mentioning? What kind of things would she mention if asked for ice breakers and such?]

FLASH ROUND OF FAVORITE THINGS: Please give me your lady’s favorite things.






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All covers are image manipulations of stock images and fonts free for personal use on DaFont. If you would like to request a cover to be made for your story, please send me a PM to discuss what you're looking for and I will do my best to create one for you!

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