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HI everyone,

I’m a girl

age 30ish but how old you are doesn’t matter when you want to write/read fun stories, unless your between 8 thru 12 they shouldn’t be reading or writing lemon fics, no offence to you guys.

I also go by, kat

I live in jersey

I get writers block, because of that, the 1st story I started to write in Feb thru sep of 2017 & that was only the 1st chapter, the 2nd chap I started 2 weeks after in Oct, I only got up to 4 pages on Microsoft word & haven’t been able to finish it, because of writers block & I keep getting distracted by my other fics, writing small bits & pieces of those, & thinking of new ones, along with reading other fics, so you see my point. Also if you want to know what my first story, I was talking about is going to be a full sailor moon fic with lemons. I’m going to get it all done 1st before I put it up, which might take awhile, so no one will be anxious wondering when the next chap will be up next. which leads me to my next statement.

But my 1st other story I’ll be putting out, which is going to be a BATB watching the movie fic, as soon as I get the prologue done, which is plaguing me since it sorta took on a life of its own when/after I started writing it, in Oct of 2019 until now, so I’ll be editing it after I’m done to hopefully be a shorter prologue & still put the original up so people can still read it. I'll be taking this part of the profile down after I put the story up.

I'll be changing my profile pic every 4 to 6 months maybe 8, or once a year it'll vary & despite my username it wont always be sailor moon, even if it is tied for #1 with 4 other shows I like the most, but a favorite pic that I like the most.

I’ll put more on my profile later like what my favorite shows are & a few other things, but until then done for now.

Fanfic’s I’m looking for, will get rid of them if someone finds them or if there permanently deleted, also I HAVE put them in wording them this way it didn’t work & to be honest I don’t remember what years they are all from.

I HOPE SOMEONE/ANYONE READS THESE, can someone help me look for this, harry potter fic & the others, I can't find them and yes I did try to type this up on google this way it didn't work, here's how some of it/them goes, also this 1st story is harry finding out snape is his real father fic

harry potter not m rated & might be from between 2010 to 2015 not sure though, might be finished with a sequel not sure though

it's the middle(ish) of summer before second year, harry is in his room when a letter comes flying in through the bars his the window, when he reads the letter it explains that snape is his father (I don't remember what the rest said but his mother was reading it as a "voice over") after he's done reading the letter the spell that was on him, changes his hair from brown to black, his skin becomes paler & his blue eyes become almost black & he doesn't need glasses anymore, when he goes downstairs for breakfast vernon is angry that harry "used" magic to change what he looked like, which harry denies,/"scene change"/ snape gets an almost identical letter after he reads it his memories come back, he goes to dumbledore angry but he doesn't remember since he took his own memories away, snape then goes to the potter house just in time before vernon could hurt harry, snape puts spells on them (don't remember what kind) then gets most of harry's things & takes harry with him to where he lives (hogwarts where else would he live, [playful eyeroll & smirk]) when they get there snape calls for his own house elf (don't remember the name) to get some food, than harry asks if he can send some letters to his friends & get some galleons form gringotts, snape says yes to the letters but no the coins & that they should stay in the bank vault & he'll provide everything harry needs. (that's all I can recall/got up to of that fic, I think it was done but I don't remember, I'm also not sure if there was sequel for it or not, I hope this was/is enough info for anyone & I hope someone can find it for me pleeaassee, cause I also REEAALLYY really HOPE that it's NOT gone permanently, please and thank you.

Teen titans not m rated & might be from between 2007 to 2015 not sure though, finished

I think this is how the beginning of this one goes/most of it goes; robin calls a team meeting telling them that he want the team to gain more trust in each other, so he wants each them of to tell their pasts, but BB refuses, but robin says it’ll be good for all of them (not sure that this part is in there), robin goes 1st then star, cy, raven each tell/describe their bad/terrible pasts & BB goes last but still refuses saying that all their pasts are bad not as horrific as his, then tells them about his parents how he changed how they died, how 2 smugglers found him and made him steal & do terrible things, how he got away from them after they were arrested, then galtry found him & was his legal guardian but then “sold” him to starlabs to be a test subject for all kinds of things for several years, then escaped with help from a nice scientist named dr. stone, got as far away as he could found shelter here & there then stumbled in on the doom patrol, joined & helped them for the few years he was with them, left when he had his falling out with them, last joined the titans. This is the “short” summary of how it goes I think it’s a story with atleast either 4 to/or 6 chapters, & is all I can remember, hope someone can find it.

Pokémon not m rated & might be from between 2009 to 2015 or 17 not sure though, unfinished in progress

(this is all I can mostly remember) ash betrayed by arceus mew joins ash in sinnoh and gives back his pokemon stolen energy, mew accuses arceus of wronging ash (or something to that effect), she takes all the energy that he stole from ash’s Pokémon, releases all the stolen energy except for Pikachu’s because she wants to give it to him herself, mew then goes to sinnoh where his current camping spot is, she surprises brock as he making stew she says hi & he shocked to see her says hello back, mew asks where ash is & brock tells her that he’ll be back in a few minutes, about 3 minutes later ash as walking up with dawn {(who squeals when she sees mew (not really sure about this part)}, ash stunned to see mew there inquires on why she showed up, mew tells ash everything that arceus did, with ash being angry of course, she then told him that she took the robbed energy & released it except for one because she wanted to personally give it back, mew brings out a glowing ball of power it goes right to Pikachu as he absorbs it with a sigh Pikachu then says he feels better & stronger, while ash gets another shock with mew telling him that she wants to join him, ash agrees but is still stunned bring out a PokéBall catches mew then lets her out, just after that ash gets a call from liza says that charizard was able to beat all the charizard in the valley & that he’s now flying to meet up with ash who ecstatic to hear that. This is all I can remember, hope someone can find it.

Pokémon might be m rated but not sure & might be from between 2014 to 2018 not sure though, unfinished in progress

(this is all I can mostly remember) ash gets betrayed by his friends pikachu gets shot as they fly away and is paralyzed, they go to kalos where prof sycamore puts weird mechanical stuff on Pikachu so he can walk but he’ll be unable to use any of his electric type attacks. hope someone can find it.

Naruto is m rated & might be from between 2008 or 9 to 2016 not sure though, unfinished in progress

(I think this is how the beginning of this one goes) When naruto returns to the village a few years later after sasuke’s redemption, who’s being abit of an ass again, there’s a chunin or jonin exam about to take place (not sure which), naruto & sasuke enter it, naruto thoroughly beats sasuke hard, later when sasuke asks sakura if she still wants to be his wife she turns him down hard saying she doesn’t want him or to be his wife anymore she then leave with a disgusted scoff, when sakura enters her home sometime later with her parents & sasuke there to which annoys her, sakura parents ask her why she turned down sasuke’s proposal, with him giving her a smug grin, pissed off now she tells them that she doesn’t him anymore & will never marry him & he can go find someone who will marry him, then tells all 3 of them to leave her house which they do but not before grumbling how she down such an amazing offer, which she scoffs at. This is all I can remember, hope someone can find it.

Frozen is m rated & might be from between 2009 to 2016 not sure though, one shot finished

(this is actually the end of the fic) anna ducked behind the bed as elsa opened the door to see kai standing there he tried to look over the queens shoulder to see if there was anyone else in there but elsa blocked his view. This is all I can remember, hope someone can find it.

Legend of korra not m rated & might be from between 2009 to 2014 or 16 not sure though, unfinished in progress

(female earthbending avatar after korra, I HAVE PUT them in wording this way it definitely didn’t work)

Korra passes away & the white lotus spent the next 16 YEARS looking for the next avatar, who they don’t know is a girl (I think her name starts with either an A or S, I can’t remember, sorry) she has light brown hair (I think), green eyes (I think), light skin, 5’6 (I think), works & owns a metalbending sword & figurine shop (not sure about the figurine part), she also lives in the middle ring of ba sing se (I think) & has a pet female sabretooth tiger (don’t remember her name, also I think that’s what it was, I know it was a large cat type pet), A guy who’s a regular customer comes into the shop to buy a sword with a lower discount (I don’t remember his name or what he looked like, his name might start with an R, not sure though), the night of her 16th b-day or 2 days after (don’t remember which), korra “shows” up in her dream telling her that she’s the avatar & that she needs to go to republic city to train, the next day she sells everything in her shop for a half off or lower discount, takes everything out of her bank & puts it in a debit/credit card then goes to the train station to buy 2 tickets but the cashier won’t let her pet on the train because he thinks she’s dangerous, with her telling the stub seller that her pet isn’t dangerous & that she well trained, but the clerk doesn’t believe her & she grumbles that NO ONE EVER had a problem with korra’s polar bear dog, the cashier calls security & she leave’s riding on her saber tooth tiger all the way too the city, she goes up to the “army/navy” building asks the lieutenants where gen. Iroh the 3rd is, they ask why she wants to see him, she decides to pull a funny prank & says that she’s his daughter, which one of the lieutenants exclaims he knew the general might have a kid or kids somewhere (this part DEFINITELY is in the story, cause that part was always the funniest), the lieutenant calls the general & tells him that there’s a young girl here to see him, he comes out a moment later sees her & tells her to come into his office, after their inside he says/asks her if she’s the avatar, surprised she says yes & that korra told her in a dream that she needed to come here to train, the general nods they leave his office to go to the basement where her firebending teacher would be, he told the firebender that he’ll be teaching her, he was reluctant but didn’t have much choice to agree, which she was annoyed at, they left & he told her that she could stay in an apartment with 2 of his female friends who were dating which she was fine with when she met them. that is all of this “shortened” version I can remember, hope someone can find it.

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