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Age: Older than I look, younger than I feel.

Gender: Female.

Location: (stealth mode engaged)

Nickname: Feel free to call me SK.

General Claimer: Every plot I post is my own unless I say I've been given it in the story. Every character that doesn't belong in the original fandom is my own unless I say otherwise. Every story here is made by me, and by me only. Anyone who takes a plot, a character, or a story from me will be reported.

My Original Character(s): This is a short note about my beloved and often used OC Aksel. He used to be named "Axel", but has now been renamed as "Aksel". He's the same guy, just with a different name that I thought fit him better. I haven't edited out all of the "Axel" versions in my stories yet, but I will with time. It's just taking a while. He's been with me for a long time now, and has appeared in quite a few stories. So until that edit is complete, this note will remain on my profile. Hopefully you (my readers and reviewers) will be a little less confused about the Axel/Aksel situation after this.

My stories: If you're interested in the uncut and uncensored versions of my stories, you can visit my AO3 profile. I will have the rest of the stories up eventually. I know I say that every time, but I mean it. Now that I'm done with school, I can finally sink my teeth into updating my fics there too.

Fanfiction locations: My Inheritance Cycle fanfiction can only be found here, on Fanfiction Dot Net, under "sussiekitten", and on Archive of Our Own, also under "sussiekitten". I do not consent to having my stories posted anywhere else, like WattPad, LJ, Tumblr or GoodReads. If you see one or more of my stories on any site other than FFNet and AO3, please tell me so I can report it.

Tumblr: I'm on Tumblr under the username sussiekitten and on Twitter under the username synonemous. Feel free to check me out. :)

NOTES FROM SK (18th of January, 2020)

Hi everyone.

It may take me a couple of months to get Stalked and Reprieve back on track properly, but I promise I'm still working on them.

I sincerely have to apologise to everyone who has sent me messages, though, as I still haven't gotten to them. I've been physically and mentally exhausted for...a while now, to be honest. But I have seen them and read them and I will get back to you all hopefully early 2020.

Until next time.

All my love,


STOP THE FALSE CLAIMERS! If you see a story that resembles one of mine and/or is a direct copy of one of mine but in a different fandom and with different characters, please let me know. I encourage everyone to report an author if you suspect they're stealing a story from someone else, not just when it comes to me. Help us to stop the plagiarisers.

Random Stuff: Currently I am; working and sometimes writing. Updates will be slower until I can get back into writing again.

Fandoms: At the moment, just posting for the Inheritance Cycle.


Now I've Seen It All (Inheritance Cycle, AU)

Status: 5 of 6 chapters posted.


Reprieve (Inheritance Cycle - AU)

Status: 6 of 10(?) chapters posted.


Stalked: (Inheritance Cycle - AU)

Status: 7 of 12(?) chapters posted.



French Silk Latte (Inheritance Cycle, AU)

Summary: AU. Life's a bitch. Apparently so is love.

Pairing(s): It's a surprise

Rating: T-M

Progress: A one-shot that is maybe 25% completed

Story Notes: I will hopefully have this finished by 2019. Or at least no later than 2020.


Frozen Exterior (Inheritance Cycle, AU)

Summary: AU. You don't need to play Secret Santa to receive unexplained and anonymous gifts.

Pairing(s): MurEra

Rating: T-M

Progress: A one-shot that is maybe 20% complete?

Story Notes: I will hopefully have this finished by 2019. Or at least no later than 2020.



Light Of The Dark (Inheritance Cycle, Post Eldest)

Story Notes: This is the fourth part of my "The Dark" Series. I am so sorry to see this on my hiatus list. I've wanted to finish this since forever, but for now I will have to put it on the back burner.

NOTE: There are actually more stories on my Hiatus list, but at the moment I doubt any of them will ever see the light of day. Either they need major revising, an actual plot, or I need the inspiration to continue. Since I have neither of these things, these stories have been taken off my profile until the day comes (if it ever comes) that I can finish them.

Coming soon: To Be Announced.

Updating: I'm going to try to keep updating twice a month. Wish me luck!

Currently: Working as a freelancer and writing on the side.

Other Things: Any questions regarding my fics or anything else, just send me a message. I might not get back to you right away, but I always try my best to answer!

FANART: Fanart that has been inspired by my fics or is dedicated to me.

Cute Eragon by ProsperPI (on devART), otherwise known as rizenmad here

Twisted, the Comic (The Artist's Version) by ProsperPI

Arya, Eragon and Saphira by ProsperPI

Hidden In Plain Sight by ProsperPI

MurEra from Red Haze by hylian-dragoness

Murtagh and Eragon by ProsperPI

Murtagh by ProsperPI

SPECIAL FICS: Below I have added a few fics that have been dedicated or written to me. They are all worth a read! Note: these are all slash (and usually incest in the case of the Inheritance Cycle fics).

(Inheritance Cycle) It's So Much More Than That, a Birthday fic that was written to me by dragonrider713

(Inheritance Cycle) It's Not So Easy, the sequel to the fic above. Written and dedicated to me by dragonrider713

(Jak and Daxter) The Forest From The Trees, a fic dedicated to me by Illyric

(Inheritance Cycle) The Will to Live, a fic dedicated to me by Silver pup

(Inheritance Cycle) Old Magic, a fic dedicated to me by evil-sami-poo

(Inheritance Cycle) Obbligato, a fic dedicated to me by rizenmad

OTHER THINGS: Dedications and the likes that aren't Fanart or Fanfics.

Poem, a poem in Eragon's POV that was inspired by one of my fics by animeserenity (on devART), otherwise known as ChibiItachi-chan here

(Assassin's Creed (II) ) Adolorato, the sequel to The Cost of a Codex Page. Codex Page is a story I commented on and inspired the author DaughterOfNone to write the sequel to. They are both uber cute and worth a read.

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