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Nationality: American

Gender: Male

- I like to write, even if I'm not absolutely amazing at it. I just hope other people enjoy my writing as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

- I enjoy animes (particularly Sword Art Online, My Hero Academia, and Toradora!).

- I like the Harry Potter series (not the author)

- I don't care who you ship as long as you don't force your opinions onto me.

Three years ago, I joined the fanfiction community purely by accident. Unfortunately for my free time, I was hooked. All I did for the first year or so was read, read, and READ. Finally, in late 2019, I made an account. The first fic I wrote was so bad that I eventually deleted it from the site. The second fic I ever wrote is still up and remains my most popular despite my lack of updates to it. Regardless, I hope you enjoy reading my fics as much as I enjoyed writing them.

CURRENT Stories:

The Jedi (Harry Potter/Star Wars crossover; On the backburner)

Harry will likely not be paired with anyone.

Tentative summary:

The Force works in mysterious ways. No one knows this better than maverick Jedi Master Harry Potter, who has somehow been trapped in the body of a youngling on an isolated planet flooded by the force. Oh well, at least he still has his lightsaber.

The World Beyond the Veil (Harry Potter)

Harmony dimension travel fic that includes tropes such as:

- Jily lives (in some form)

- Time travel

- Dimension travel

- other things


She'd follow him wherever he went and help him in whatever he did, even if it meant going to a whole other universe. Dimension/time travel, Harmony, no Horcruxes, eventual crossover. Minimal bashing, only of Dumbledore, not a major focus.

To Begin Again: Aincrad's Underworld (Sword Art Online; current focus)

Alicization time travel. Divergence after episode fifteen of the anime's season 3. Also, Kirisuna.


It was impossible, yet it was reality—two worlds, different yet the same, merged under rather unique circumstances. Trapped in SAO for a second time, how will our heroes escape yet again, especially when the world is very different from what they remember? The birth of a world, the birth of a guild. The world isn't ready for them, but they're here anyway. (Time travel)


light a fire in my heart; feel my rage burn (My Hero Academia)

Crossover from Ao3—a small, light-hearted one-shot about regret and forgiveness.

Summary (Ao3):

What do you leave behind when you go? A legacy is more than a bequeathment to a loved one, or a powerful quirk passed from person to person as the ages go by. Feelings, actions, aspirations… these things all shape a person; who they are, and the impressions they leave behind.

Rage, failure, resentment… redemption, atonement; all of these things resonate within one Bakugou Katsuki.

Now, it’s time to share with the world, before the end.


Just before his retirement from a wildly successful heroic career, the Number Two Hero has a confession to make and a tale to tell, all watched by an encouraging green-haired hero from the sidelines.


After the New Dawn (Multi-Fandom)

Four-fandom crossover (Flash TV, Supergirl TV, MCU, and Harry Potter), and one that failed utterly. It was a great, fun idea that could have been great, had I not carried it out badly.

This is definitely abandoned, and is also up for adoption! Who knows if anyone would actually want to adopt it, but if the idea appeals to you, PM me.

OCs (As of now, more to come eventually):

Jessica Cambridge (The World Beyond the Veil)

Sirius's significant other. Has a bubbly personality.

Miza (To Begin Again: Aincrad's Underworld)

Owner of Miza's Inn in Lyndhurst. She is the first Underworld resident Kirito taught to use the menu outside of his companions. Is good friends with the main cast. Is currently a minor character, though she may get some spotlight later on.

Roran (To Begin Again: Aincrad's Underworld)

Owns a bar in the Town of Beginnings. A minor character, not likely to appear again.

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