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Personal Info

Warning: I'm mostly going on hiatus as an writer. I'm going to be working on an original novel (actually, several from the same world setting and one from a different). I will be writing some fanfictions out that I do have ideas for, but I won't start posting them until they're nearly finished (to guarantee that what happened with my three stories that're posted right now, especially CoT - both the general lack of quality (imo; I know that several of my reviewers disagree) and the extreme lack of updates - won't happen again) (given how ADHD my muses are, don't hold your breath for updates).

I also have an account on FictionPress (dot) com. I've only posted a few poems so far (all fairly old; I tend to be something of a ditz when it comes to actually posting stuff). Anyone care to read them? My user name is Pen-Name-Kitsune-chan (same as here)

All three of my abandoned stories are currently up for adoption. If you're interested, email or PM me an outline of what you plan to change and how to plan to continue it. Have fun!

Speaking of up for adoption...

Plot Bunnies/ Challenges

Stories that I want to read/ write but don't have time/ inspiration for. Feel free to take only bits and pieces of them, or to combine more than one. On a few I listed 'preferred pairings', but those don't have to be listened to. Titles are merely working titles and can be changed as you see fit.


Seven-year-old Sasuke, shortly after entering the Academy but a bit before the massacre, gets kidnapped by one of Orochimaru's agents in Konoha. (Idea is to raise him as a Sound shinobi.) He is treated well (especially at first) (note: he isn't immediately brought anywhere, especially as Orochimaru is still in the Akatsuki; his kidnapper has him in a hideout with her) and his kidnapper starts trying to turn him against his clan and Konoha (saying they don't care about him, aren't looking for him, etc.) Eventually he's brought to one of the main bases (when he's 8), where he starts being entered into no-holds-barred fights for a) Orochimaru's amusement, b) to toughen him up mentally/emotionally, and c) to improve his skills. Sasuke is forced to kill at first (one or the other participants dies) and activates his sharingan early on. Once he starts fighting higher level shinobi (Juugo, Kimimaro, etc), killing starts being discouraged, as Orochimaru doesn't want to lose a valuable tool. (Note: Suigetsu probably hasn't been captured yet at this point in time).

In Konoha, Sasuke's kidnapping derails the Uchiha clan's plots and Konoha's counter-plots, especially since Itachi starts refusing to do anything other than look for Sasuke (and threatens Danzou and co. with pulling out of their deal if Sasuke isn't found) and Fuugaku puts his foot down on any ambitions until his son is safe. Several other clans, especially the Inuzuka and Hyuuga (and Jiraiya), pitch in heavily to help the Uchiha search for Sasuke, making them feel less outcast.

Up to you when Sasuke is rescued/ escapes. (It'd be cool if he broke out/ is rescued after Suigetsu arrives, and takes Suigetsu, Juugo, and maybe Karin with him). Would prefer if his rescue occurs between when he's nine and twelve, sixteen at the latest (at 12-16, he breaks himself out). Note: If the chuunin exams go the same way, Orochimaru will probably then try and use Sasuke as his body.

Also up to you if Itachi ends up in the Akatsuki, and if he chases Orochimaru away. Do the clan's plots get put back on track after too many years pass? Do they never? If they remain more-or-less loyal, does Itachi become a nuke-nin anyways and join the Akatsuki as a spy?

Pairings: preferably none, or Sasuke/Itachi, Sasuke/Juugo/Suigetsu/Kimimaro (any combination and number), Naruto/Sasuke. No het.

Growing Up Backwards

Sasuke's the first born, Itachi the second (birth dates are switched). Sasuke progresses (relatively to Itachi) slowly, graduating top of his class at ten. Frequently fails to live up to his father's expectations. Itachi immediately shows himself to be a genius, making Sasuke jealous but not hateful (he does his best to ignore it, especially around Itachi). Itachi, realizing what's happening (and hearing Fuugaku tell Sasuke to be 'more like Itachi') goes to Iruka shortly after entering the Academy (at the normal age) and requests to be held back, so he advances as normal and graduates at twelve with the rest of his class. Very quickly, Itachi gets insanely bored in class, and at first just reads in class, but then gets pulled in with Naruto, Shikamaru, Kiba, and Chouji (kinda lashing back against pressure from his father to try harder). He hangs out with Naruto more than anyone else, finding the blond to be amusing. (Would be hilarious: when Naruto finds out Fuugaku is giving Itachi flak for his bad grades, he talks Itachi into helping him prank the entire Uchiha compound by painting the fans orange and blue). Sasuke and Naruto meet through Itachi and interact pretty much as in canon (name-calling, bickering, fighting, Naruto declaring Sasuke to be his rival, the whole nine yards).

When Sasuke confronts Itachi (pre-friendship with Naruto) as to why he isn't excelling, Itachi admits to not wanting their father to be disappointed in Sasuke. Sasuke tells Itachi he shouldn't worry about his older brother and should push himself, Itachi shakes his head and says that he doesn't want to be stronger than Sasuke, anyways, because he enjoys it when Sasuke protects him and takes care of him. He also says he doesn't want to have to fight, as early graduates are normally pushed onto the battlefield, and he wants a chance to make friends his age. Sasuke then gets a weird look in his eyes, and Itachi later sees Sasuke appearing to internally debate something when he thinks no one is looking, and hears a number of arguments start between Sasuke and their father.

Sasuke is way more loyal to the family that Itachi was in canon, so doesn't even think about telling on his clan. But Itachi's words make Sasuke realize that the effects of the coup (which he already knew about - rebellions, warfare with other countries, heavy losses during, division within Konoha) would seriously harm (mentally and emotionally, if not physically) his little brother. He then begins protesting the plan. (But, he never goes to Konoha's leaders. Also, note: the coup isn't planned to occur until Sasuke's 15-ish. Up to you if Itachi acted early in canon, or if a change pushed the coup back) As the clan pushes on ahead anyways, Sasuke, in desperation, realizes that, if the government is removed by an outside force, Konoha will unite behind the new rulers. (At 14-ish) Sasuke approaches Orochimaru (and through him Pain, skipping Madara) and offers his help with a plan to attack Konoha (with the caveat that the majority of the shinobi populace remains unharmed). Orochimaru agrees (only strongly wishing to eliminate Sarutobi and gain the sharingan), while Pain decides to use the opportunity/opening to remove Danzo. Shortly after talking with them, at 14-15-ish, Sasuke becomes an ANBU. (Note: Orochimaru and Pain have their own plans, and aren't being truthful with Sasuke).

Day of the attack, Sasuke grabs Itachi and Naruto and hides them in Nakano Shrine. Up to you what happens from there.

Pairings: none, or Sasuke/Itachi/Naruto (any combination of the three)

An Ounce of Prevention

(Is worth a pound of cure). Naruto gets captured by the Akatsuki and releases the Kyuubi, but not before making it promise to protect Konoha and all of his precious people, especially Sasuke. The Kyuubi doesn't realize the problem inherent in this (namely, they're all trying to kill each other) until after it's out. It decides to travel back in time (ending up as a free-moving figure in Naruto's mindscape, capable of possessing him) to prevent the whole issue from starting. It goes back to before the Massacre, but makes no move to save the Uchiha clan (mostly because it hates them), but it does confront Itachi (as a physically transformed and possessed Naruto), revealing the fact that it travelled from the future, and certain select (and twisted) facts (after the orders have been issued; possibly immediately after Itachi kills Shisui for the Mangekyou). Because it has its full chakra and is unhindered by the seal, Itachi is unable to control it in any way. It more or less talks/ threatens Itachi over to its side, and reveals its plan: it will possess a different Uchiha using kitsune-tsuki (which it can only use on that clan, as it isn't a true kitsune), blame the Massacre on her, and then they'll stage the chosen Uchiha's death, hinting at her having been backstabbed, her eyes taken. Itachi stays in Konoha and becomes the jounin-sensei of Team Seven.

Pairings: NaruSasu/ SasuNaru or gen


Basically, what if a massive number of characters all traveled back from different timelines, and ended up in the same one? (Characters I'd like: Naruto, Sasuke (from a world in which he didn't go crazy - truth of Massacre was explained to him by Itachi sometime after the timeskip (invent a reason) and Itachi swayed him to his way of thinking; Sasuke also loathes Madara), Sakura, Sai (closest to canon), Itachi, Haku (shortest 'jump' - he survived the Battle and researched a way), Anko (another short jump - Orochimaru destroyed Konoha during chunin exams, she traveled back), Kabuto, Orochimaru, Danzo, Madara, Yugito, Gaara, people from several other villages (on short or long jumps) (not everyone should be a time-traveler, as a note). Note: some of the divergences should begin pretty early (none before the point that they all go back to, which must be after the Uchiha Massacre and before the day of team assignments). Get creative with the different characters' backstories. Another note: several people (especially Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, as they're in a team together) should realize that the timelines are intersecting fairly early on, while others will remain clueless.

Pairings: a wide variety, as each timeline should produce variants. I dislike romance in general, but I would like to see some hints of NaruSasu/ SasuNaru

Toad Summoning

Probably complete crack. Harry Potter and Naruto xover. One day, an extremely drunk Jiraiya casts the summoning jutsu, and out of the smoke appears Umbridge in all her pink, toad-like glory. Inspired by a joke in the fanfic 'Professor Uchiha', sequel to 'Itachi and the Prisoner of Askaban' (both very good). (Umbridge should vanish from Hogwarts during fifth year, preferably in a public place, like the Great Hall during a meal)


When trying to convince Sasuke to stay or take her with him (just before his defection), Sakura uses different wording, which manages to convince Sasuke to take her along. Sakura feels guilty and leaves Naruto a note. Retrieval team goes after them, Naruto catches up at the Valley of the End (OR only Naruto goes after them, uses Kyuubi chakra to catch up; he tells Tsunade to not send anyone low level after him, so no retrieval team - instead, Kakashi gets sent out earlier; Naruto catches up with the Sound Four at some point while Sasuke's still in barrel, fights them using Kyuubi's chakra [potentially harmful amounts, and calls off the fight when Kimimaru shows up and reveals that Orochimaru's jutsu failed). If not: Sasuke and Naruto argue, but (mostly b/c of Sakura's presence, partially b/c Naruto's intentionally being less confrontational) the fight doesn't escalate beyond occasional bout of taijutsu. After fighting for a bit, Naruto asks Sakura about the time, and, when she answers, Naruto says 'let's go' or something and starts walking to Sound (he'd been stalling Sasuke and Sakura until after the deadline on Orochimaru's transfer jutsu).

In Sound, Sakura trains under Kabuto, and Naruto trains under Orochimaru alongside Sasuke (it'd be cool if Naruto became something of Orochimaru's favorite b/c of his curiosity, interest in jutsu, and talent at inventing new jutsu).

Pairings: Gen or Team Seven threesome (NaruSasu/ SasuNaru, SasuSaku, NaruSaku)

ItaSasu or SasuIta Timetravel

(Either Sasuke or Itachi goes back in time, pairing's in the title, everything else's up to you) Pwease? (puppy-dog-eyes no jutsu!)


Fugaku (Sasuke's dad) dies during the Kyuubi attack. Mikoto (Sasuke's mom) takes over as Itachi's reagent, until such time as he becomes jounin, gets married, or reaches the age eighteen (whichever comes first), at which point he'll become clan head (note: this gives her an additional motive, beyond wanting to preserve her child's innocence, to hold Itachi back, and not just for selfish reasons, too. Someone who's thirteen or even sixteen isn't nearly as mature as they'd be at eighteen or older, and it would be better for the clan to have someone more experienced in the lead). (I want to see a fairly manipulative Mikoto, who uses politics and rhetoric and such to worm her way into everyone's good graces and gain power through that, instead of military might or accomplishment). (Think carefully about all the things that would change with her in the lead - like, would the Uchiha Massacre even happen, since she wouldn't approve a violent takeover of the village? Itachi also probably wouldn't advance so quickly, and would have a lot less pressure on him to be the best and to show no emotions and all that. Sasuke wouldn't be pushed so hard, and wouldn't be constantly clamoring for Fugaku's attention. I can also see Mikoto trying to make allies out of potentially powerful people, like by encouraging Sasuke to befriend Naruto - Naruto's a jinchuuriki, and maybe she knows/ suspects who his father was. Kakashi probably won't become the jounin-sensei of Team Seven, since Sasuke doesn't need him to teach him the sharingan - it'd be cool if Shisui or someone became their sensei instead) Pairings: gen


The basic idea is how would the story be different if a lot of characters were a different gender (taking into account things like differing hormones, different biology - girls tend to have more chakra control and flexibility, guys more chakra capacity and physical strength - and differing customs/ societal expectations/ traditional gender roles - less pressure, for example, would have been on a female Sasuke than a male Sasuke as a child [same goes for Itachi, and males are generally expected to try harder and be more powerful in the Naruto world than girls (and girls are generally expected to be more emotional, while that's not as acceptable for guys), and girls (especially in a semi-fuedal society like the Naruto world) have a lot more obstacles in their way, many of which take the form of a glass ceiling; a lot of examples are in how people are supposed to interact and act) (another change: what if Ino and Sakura were different genders? Would they be friends? Would they crush on each other? Would they ignore each other? - I doubt that a rivalry would develop, although I could see a female Sakura getting jealous of a female Sasuke and declaring Sasuke to be her rival). Note: not all of the characters should be switched, but a good number of them should be.

Ones that I'd like switched: Sasuke, Itachi (it'd be really interesting to see what happens when Itachi hits the glass ceiling) (a note: I want a post-Massacre scene, Konan talking to Itachi, Itachi's just hitting puberty, and Konan has to give her the 'talk' - Konan becoming something of a mother or older sister figure to Itachi would be cool), Naruto, Hinata, Shino, Ino (but not Sakura), Chouji, Neji, Tenten (female Naruto could have a crush on him!), Zabuza, Deidara, Kabuto, Gaara, either/both/ maybe Temari and/or Kankurou, Jiraiya (would still be a pervert; there need to be more female perverts!), Gai, maybe others. Pairings that'd be interesting: (light; I dislike romance) yuri and yaoi mostly; yuri!ItaNaru, yuri!SasuNaru/NaruSasu, yuri!ItaDei (for instance, Akatsuki could put Itachi and Deidara on a team because they're both the only active-duty girls, and they could gradually learn to get over their differences...), het!(one-sided at first) InoSaku (complicated by reversed-het-one-sided InoSasu), (at least one-sided) reversed-het!HinaNaru, onesided fangirls x male!Hinata, yuri!ZabuHaku, yuri!GaaNaru, yaoi!TemaShika, or gen. (can include none of the previous, one of them, all of them, or a mixture)

(As a note for characterization, a Sasuke that has an additional side obsession of proving that she can be a great kunoichi without using genjutsu, medical ninjutsu, or seduction tactics, and who gets angry at anyone who expresses surprise at her unusually high [for a kunoichi] chakra capacity and ability with fire techniques, and a female Naruto who actively campaigns for a ban on discrimination against kunoichi who try to take non-traditional roles would be cool [and rants a lot about it, as would female Chouji who insists that she's buxom or pleasantly plump, not fat, and a male body-builder Ino)

(This story could probably go one of three ways: complete crack, mixture of humor and seriousness (ridiculous situation/ world, but the characters take it entirely seriously and don't point out jokes), or completely serious)

Transgendered/ Randomly-Switching-Genders Naruto

Exactly what it says in the title. A fic where, from the start of his/ her genin career, Naruto arbitrarilly switches genders (using the Sexy Jutsu), or acts and dresses femininely as a male (last would start even before becoming a genin/ mastering the Sexy Jutsu). Basically, a much more feminine Naruto (I would like to see a serious treatment of this, rather than a crackish one, although well-written crack's fine as well) (something where Naruto switches gender against his will because of an outside event would also be cool)

Fruits Basket

Inspired by the above anime. Naruto turns into a fox whenever he's hugged. (Other characters might turn into animals, too)


Harry Potter and Naruto x-over. Idea: What if at some point before Sasuke's defection (probably chunin exams) (or after in a time when Team Seven had joined back up - not necessarily loyal to Konoha, or the story diverged so Sasuke didn't defect), Konoha was destroyed? (My scenario: Akatsuki allies w/ Orochimaru to destroy Konoha during the exams; maybe more jinchuuriki than just Naruto and Gaara end up there - like, a Cloud team with either Yugito or Killer Bee as jounin-sensei manages to pass; this means that Itachi blows his cover to warn Konoha, but they still fail to win). Sasuke's mother was a Black (which he knew), so the three of them (Team Seven) disguise themselves to varying degrees, take false names (Sasuke's surname is Black, only restriction), and hide out in Britain until they can get strong enough to effectively resist Akatsuki. [Note: I want Naruto to be in Slytherin - ambitious b/c he wants to be Hokage and incredibly clever, Sakura in Gryffindor, and where Sasuke goes is up to you (I'd say Hufflepuff - hardworking and (incredibly selectively) loyal, maybe driven away from ambitious/ vengeful by learning the truth about the Uchiha; also, he would probably lean towards Slytherin, but the Hat would put him in Hufflepuff b/c it'd be a better House for him, even if it's not an exact match)] (They get placed in the third year of Hogwarts; only Sakura speaks English even remotely fluently, although she still has problems, Sasuke can kinda sorta get the gist of what people are saying but can't speak it, and Naruto has no clue, so they take all their classes together, so that Sakura can translate; which year Harry and co. are in is also up to you; shouldn't fit exactly, though. Note: NO translation jutsu, or insane fast learning of English - that annoys me. Also, Naruto should pretend to know English less than he does even as he learns it, so that people will feel more comfortable speaking in his presense)


(This one should probably be combined with something else) Idea: Naruto has (serious) codependency issues (look codependecy up; it meshes well with his canon character), which get him in trouble (story should either focus around it getting him in trouble, him dealing with it, or him trying to get over it). Preferred pairings: SasuNaru or gen.

The Grass is Always Greener

Sometime early (pre-Find Tsunande arc, definitely, preferably pre-chunin exams) Sasuke and Naruto (for whatever reason) switch bodies. Nobody (except for maybe the Hokage, possibly Kakashi) knows, and nobody can know (invent a reason why - maybe the Hokage/ Kakashi claim that there's a reason, but there actually isn't beyond team-building/ increasing their empathy for each other), so Sasuke and Naruto have to pretend to be each other and live each other's lives. Preferred pairings: NaruSasu (or SasuNaru) or gen; Not: SasuSaku, NaruSaku, or NaruHina


Team Seven either gets an additional C-rank in between Wave and the chunin exams or their first C-rank is something other than Wave. That C-rank, naturally, goes horribly wrong, and Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura end up with a mental link/ bond that starts out weak but gradually strengthens (mostly as they work on it), and causes a lot of problems, especially mental. (Sakura has a split personality, Sasuke has Issues with a capital 'i', and Naruto's a jinchuuriki... with issues. If it doesn't cause problems, then something's wrong) (it should also cause other problems, esp. as it gets stronger but before they develop good control over it, like them reacting to sensations that the others feel - flinching when one of them gets hit, confusing things seen/ heard by the others for things that they see, also issues of privacy violation [this should be a huge issue, especially given their ages (cusp of puberty, never a fun time) and that I don't see any of them as being people particularly given to sharing their innermost secrets] and their emotions feeding each other).

They end up sharing dreams/ nightmares, which feed each other (the nightmares especially tend to end up as insane mixes of their various fears and complexes), being able to communicate mentally when they close their eyes (link is better if they drop into a half-asleep/ semi-meditative state), and being able to sense each other's emotions (weakly at first, growing stronger as time passes) and eventually even send physical sensations (e.g. tough, sight, sound) to each other. Preferred pairings: NaruSasu (and/or SasuNaru) / SasuSaku/ NaruSaku (Team Seven threesome) or gen. (Other pairings involving the three can exist, even if the main pairing is the threesome - it's entirely possible to be attracted to someone you're not dating, and to fall in and out of love, and I want the ramifications of this explored, especially given the fact that they literally cannot hide things from each other - like what happens when one of them develops a crush on someone else? Falls in love? Will they try to expand the circle, to accomodate another person? Will they decide to tolerate minor indiscretions, as long as all three of them remain ultimately dedicated to their bond? Or will they have huge fights over it? - note, because they're in each others' heads, there should be very little room for Big Misunderstandings. Will they ever hate each other because of the bond? - there should be at the least a strong sense of mutual resentment at times, esp. at first)

Going Native

For whatever reason, Naruto's soul isn't in his body when the Kyuubi is sealed into it, meaning that the Kyuubi ends up fully aware and in control. The Yondaime knew that this would happen and put a series of seals in Naruto/ the Kyuubi restricting its actions and powers; the seals measure intent (if the Kyuubi's acting to protect a Konoha shinobi and /or a close friend, it can use much more of its abilities, including intelligence). Kyuubi figures this out either during the Battle on the Bridge or just after. (Also, earlier Kyuubi had 'befriended' Sasuke with the intent to learn the Uchiha clan's secrets and to use Sasuke as a weapon against Madara, but gradually found itself genuinely caring for him). Much earlier, (somebody who had good cause to suspect that the Kyuubi was in control of Naruto's body) raised Naruto/ the Kyuubi for three years (treating it as she would any child, which mystified the Kyuubi), until she was murdered/ assassinated or died on a misison. Over time, the Kyuubi gradually goes from hating humans and its situation to wanting to be a part of the human/ shinobi community. Preferred pairings: Naruto/ the Kyuubi x Sasuke, or gen

Flames of Youth

Neji, Lee, and Tenten aren't taught by Gai but instead by some other jounin-sensei (maybe Kakashi). Team Seven ends up composed of Naruto, Sasuke, and Hinata under Gai (Gai had vetoed the idea of Sakura on his team because she doesn't work hard). Team Seven ends up a lot more and better trained by various points in the story, isn't entered in the chunin exams, and Sasuke (having been trained well and consistently by Gai, gotten more powerful than he did originally, not been made to feel inferior to Naruto, and actually managed to absorb some of Gai's lessons about hard work trumping genius) is a lot less inclined to ditch Konoha for Orochimaru. Preferred pairings: NaruSasu/ SasuHina/ NaruHina (threesome) or gen

Friendly Fire

During the Battle on the Bridge (or some other battle/ mission, possibly just made up), one of Sasuke's attacks misaims and hits Naruto, killing him through friendly fire and triggering the Mangekyou in Sasuke. (Whether Naruto stays dead or the Kyuubi heals him is up to you.) Preferred pairings: gen; Not: SasuSaku


Naruto goes physically back in time with a note from Tsunade telling Sarutobi to trust him and listen to him (they'd had theorectical knowledge of timetravel, just never enough power). He becomes the jounin-sensei of a younger Team Seven. Would be cool: one person from each of the shinobi countries in the Alliance thing and the samurai (maybe plus one or two others - like Taki and Kusa) also goes back in time (the jutsu was a collaborative effort) (note, in this scenario there should be politics, and someone with knowledge of the future - either first or second hand - should defect to one of the opposite sides)

Pairings: gen, or younger!NarutoxSasuke (NaruSasu/ SasuNaru) and older!NarutoxItachi, with past one-sided older!Narutoxfuture!Sasuke.

For Want of a Nail

(Title taken from name of a poem) After Itachi hospitalizes Kakashi during the Find Tsunade arc, the guy who accidentally revealed Itachi's presense in Konoha to Sasuke doesn't, meaning that a lot of stuff does and doesn't happen (Sasuke doesn't distract Itachi and Kisame, so Naruto ends up at least briefly captured; Sasuke doesn't get put under Mangekyou and therefore pushed closer to the edge and his desire for revenge isn't as great; Jiraiya is forced to realize that his being easily distracted by women nearly cost him his student; the search for Tsunade gets derailed, maybe leading to someone else -cough-Danzou-cough- becoming Hokage).

The Jinchuuriki of Cloud

The head-jounin of Cloud doesn't try to snatch a three-year-old Hinata, but instead successfully grabs Naruto (maybe he realized how strong the security on the Hyuuga compound was, learned that Naruto was a jinchuuriki, and needed something to show; or maybe he did grab Hinata and then also got Naruto). Naruto is raised with Yugito.


Kakashi Gaiden, Rin dies instead of Obito. After the Kyuubi attack, Obito takes in Naruto, who still grows up fairly miserably because Obito has to take numerous missions to support them and is often away. They live far away from the Uchiha compound because of a falling-out that Obito had with his clan. After the Uchiha Massacre (which Obito isn't killed in because he has no ties to the clan), Obito takes in Sasuke as well. Obito might (or might not) end up jounin-sensei to Team Seven.

Poisonous Dart Frogs

(Because only Naruto would be able to do something like this on accident) (would be a good one to combine with others). Early in his training to learn how to summon frogs (pre-chunin exams), Naruto accidentally hacks into someone else's (not currently in use) frog summoning contract and summons a handful of poison dart frogs, including an orange-morph golden poison frog. He learns that they're poisonous the hard way by trying to pick them up (his hands have small cuts on them from training, especially the summoning practice). Naruto doesn't end up learning how to summon Gamabunta, but instead focuses on the dart frogs (all of which are a lot smaller, but also deadlier and more inclined to help him). Other animal-summon clans from the frogs' homeland area strike a deal with the frogs to get their summon contracts to the shinobi world, because most of the powerful city-states, empires, and nations had fallen by then, and knowledge of chakra had almost entirely been forgotten. Clans include: hummingbirds, quetzalcoatl (it'd be cool if Sasuke got these - maybe because Naruto insisted on providing his teammates with something), jaguars, new world monkeys, crocodiles, otters, and bats. Note: not just allies of Naruto should end up with the new summoning contracts.

Orochimaru Saves the Day

Alternate timeline, so Orochimaru's still alive. Things go majorly south for the shinobi as a prolonged war with the Akatsuki outright destroys some villages and causes the others to loose their competitiveness as war drives their prices sky-high, meaning that their business is diverted to samurai and local servives. The way of the shinobi starts to die out, and Madara nearly wins. Orochimaru, one of the few still resisting him, uses one of his many 'useless trivia' jutsu to send his memories back in time to his younger self (how far back and what he then does it up to you; he should, however, do his best to oppose Madara's machinations) (how well it works - complete or partial transfer - and if it supercedes younger Orochimaru's memories [and therefore also if younger Orochimaru believes it] is also up to you).

Sasuke Time-travel

Shortly before the genin are placed on teams (or even before the graduation exams), younger Sasuke ends up with a voice in his head (which is, in fact, his older self) that has to ability to possess him (and can use Mangekyou). (Details of the future and future-Sasuke's plans are up to you) (Inspired by the fanfics Ascendant and Mixed with the Lightning of Slaughter, which are both really, really well-written)

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