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Deidara Uchiha
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Code Geass Episode 23 say what? Lalalalalalalala I can't hear you lalalalalalalalalala! I'd like some pre-23, AU or any other alternate fics please. If not, then lalalalalalalala go away I'm not going to look at them lalalalalalalala I'm gonna go look at Kira and Lacus and pretend they're Suzaku and Euphie lalalalala! Lulu you idiot lalalalala!

Damn you to Britannia, Sunrise!!! Yes, including and especially you, Mr. Let's Murder Cagalli's Kickass Persona In The Sequel And Turn Her Into A Weak Crybaby Who Doesn't Even Turn Seed When She Did It In The First One But Let's Make Lacus Turn Seed Again Even Though There's No Point To It Anyway. Omae o korosu! Kieru!!! Shinu!!! I swear the vengeance of a million Zeroes upon you!1!eleventynipponichi11!

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