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Name: Ekatma

Likes: Generally everything except a select few.


A Wonderful World

Genre: Adventure, Action, Drama, Suspense, Romance

Pairing: Solas/Lavellan, Solas/Female Inquisitor/ Others

The Great Exterminator: This was just an idea that I had that wouldn't leave me alone. I'll write it for as long as I don't lose interest in it, which is hopefully after I finish it.

Status: Temporary Hiatus

Genre: Adventure, Action, Drama, Suspense

Pairing: Canon Pairings. Very slow, like a snail, Doctor/OC. The Doctor and OC are not really compatible until much later.

Summary: The Soldier thought she was alone until she heard of the Doctor. And now that she had, she would kill him. A story about redemption.

Drop of a Feather: HIATUS.

Genre: Action, Mystery, Drama, Romance

Pairing: Yue/OC/Julian

Summary: Responsibility. Freedom. The choice is obvious, but not for Talia Reece. She clings to responsibility because it's the right thing to do, the only thing she can do because it lets her belong. Freedom isn't fruitful if you have no one to spend it with.

Further Stories: I do have some other stories that don't need editing and is half-way finished, but I'd rather do things one at a time so my readers don't get frustrated at the already slow rate of update!

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