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I'm an Old Bat (DoB: 12/14/1948) who likes cats, crocheting, knitting, messing around with 3D imagery (DAZStudio FTW!), and reading. So far, in the manga genre, I like Ranma 1/2, Full Metal Panic and Neon Genesis Evangelion. In the fanfic area, well, I'll read most anything. :chuckles: A lot of the crossovers are quite interesting as well.

Being an ex-secretary, nothing turns me off of a story quicker than something poorly written. No matter how interesting the premise of the story, poor spelling, incorrect word usage (there for their, your for you're, rein/rain/reign, etc) will have me exiting the story quicker than you can spit. With all the spell checkers and grammar checkers out there, as well as beta readers, there is no reason whatsoever to submit junk. Two proofreading tips: read what you've written backward, from the bottom up, and read your story out loud to yourself. That helps. I drove my bosses crazier with that last one. *cackles* Don't read the screen, however. Print it out, double-spaced, and read your stories from hard copies. Make corrections on the hard copies as well. Personally? I find that I catch more mistakes that way.

I've not yet written anything for here; however, I think I will. Soon, hopefully. I've two ideas that keep cheeping in my mind like just-hatched chicks. I'm also waiting for my muses to kick-start my brain.

FYI: Contrary to "popular" opinions, there are some wrinkly old ladies who DO watch anime. They also read manga. :pulls down eyelid and sticks out tongue: Biii-DAH!

12/22/2020: Turned 72 on December 14, 2020. I'm still puttering, crocheting, reading, reading and rereading fanfic. Still falling under the "spell" of chocolate. *grins* Trying get caught up with reading fanfic. So much has been written and posted. I'm doing my best to read and all, it's . . . I think I'm reading slower as I get older. Or something. *laughs* To all here in Fanfic, please take care and stay safe.

03/14/2020: I'm still here. I also can't believe I got to be this old. *laughs* I'm 71 now and I still read/read fanfic. Mostly I just do my best to listen to my doctor and keep a positive outlook when things don't go well due to my aging body. *chuckles* Other than the aging thing, I'm doing fine.

05/17/2019: I'm still around. Just puttering, crocheting, knitting, reading/rereading fanfic, and generally doing my best to be living a healthy lifestyle. Admittedly, sometimes I get to hankering just a bit TOO much for chocolate. *chuckles* Oh. Yeah. I read entirely too much. ;)

12/09/2017: It's been a while. My apologies. I simply haven't had much to say. Nor have I had the inclination to do much reading. Just one of those things, I guess. In five more days I'll be 69 years old. Wow. Never thought I'd make it this far. Weird . . .

09/24/2016: I'm still alive. Sore and cranky and sleeping a lot, but still alive. My Callie cat is her usual attention hog self, the stinker. I wish I could do kick-butt amigurumi as I'd love to crochet me a Tigger and a Callie. I have pictures but . . . One can't hug pictures. One CAN hug stuffed animal representations of one's four-footed friends. On the fanfic story side, I have a prologue I'm kinda sorta pleased with and an epilogue that I am pleased with. The middle is story notes that I still need to turn into prose. *chuckles* I'm getting there. I promise. So, that's how things are to date.

05/31/2016: Well, I'm still alive. Still behind in my reading, still behind in setting down my notes into prose. Been reading Terry Brooks' "Sometimes the Magic Works" (a book on how to outline your story--I think *chuckles*) and I'm STILL confused! *sighs* Still missing my Tigger cat. Still trying to comfort my Callie cat. She misses her buddy terribly. However, she's a loner and, at her age--she's 11 years old now--I'm wary of trying to get her used to a new 4-legged buddy. I do give her lots of extra lap time and grooming and pet scritches.

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