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My name is Gena, doctor by profession, writer by passion.

I first joined this site during my last few years of high-school and now I'm a doctor, that should tell you just how long I have been passionate about writing, and how long I've been on hiatus.

I swear I will try my best to finish the little fics I have going on here!!!

Stories currently working on:

1. By the Oak Tree (complete)

My very first One-shot. Nothing fanciful, just something that was on my mind and wanted to share it.

2. Dark Secrets

It's basically Harry going dark after the events of OoTP and since it's a Severitus, Harry is Severus' son. I've planned a lot of twist and turns in this story, a few ideas from other authors who i will mention once i post my story (which is quite soon once I've figured out chapters 1-10)...

I know this is totally different from the first story i wrote but to those who like my writing I'd like you to please give my story a shot once i get it out of my computer... i really love all the support you've given me...

3. To Love And Be Loved (on temporary hiatus)

It's an abused Harry story that we all secretly love to read about. There's just something about a helpless Harry that tweaks our hearts. And when he finally rises above, we rejoice. However, be cautious as this story absolutely goes deep into the Abused!Harry theme.

Harry is the second son of James and Lily. Neville is the BWL while James is an absolute ARSE to his youngest son. Lots of James bashing, Dumbledore bashing, Ron bashing and basically a Severus mentors Harry fic...

Currently it's bean a slow update, but once my other stories have cleared up, i'll get into it ASAP!!

4. Erebus Ferrox Riddle

This is my second baby, my own personal retreat when I'm in desperate need of Slytherin action. It's Dark! and Slytherin!Harry. Basically, he is the son of the Dark Lord and his Mistress. The story follows through all of the seven years in Hogwarts.

Go and read it for those who need a dose of Gryffindor torture and Severus cruelty... hahahahahahaha...

5. Yuletide Vision:

This is a One-shot of the EFR story. I wrote it during Christmas and it's a small scene about three of our favourite Dark Children spending Christmas in Riddle Manor. The sotry is viewed from the POV of a yet unnamed character (which you'll find out later).


03-27-08 - I apologize to all my readers if i've offended you guys with my demands for reviews. To make it up to you, i'll post the next chapter right now. However you have to be patient with me since i'm having trouble writing the new chapters. I started writing this fic with a clear story in mind but the more i write the more complicated the plot get so please bear with me if i may post late. Actually, i've written 13 chapters for this fic already but i'm delaying the postings so that i can change some of the things i've written without having to re-post the story agian with corrections. I have a wonderful beta who's helping me so i'm sure i'll get it right somehow. Thanks again to those who've reviewed my stories.

05-09-08 - Hey i finally posted chapter 8!! It's not that it took me that long to write it, just that i kept putting it off until i finished the other chapters. Right now, i think i finally have my muse and ideas straightened out so i might update in my orginal pace of one a week... but we'll see if i can manage that... keep your reviews as they keep me going...

03-13-09 - It's friday the 13th!! Creppy!! The school year ends in a week and i can't wait to see my dad again!! We'll be visiting him for a month and then come back to the philippines just in time for the opening of the new school year. I get to bring my laptop with me so I promise that while i'm away i'll get some writing done. School has put my writing in the backseat as so late, you all know how fast my update was in the beginning, but now that college is close for two months (I will not be taking summer classes, i'm too smart... hahaha... kidding), my ideas are rushing out all at once. Perhaps i could even finish the third chapter of TLBL...


04-10-09 - HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!! Finally I updated a story. Hopefully i pick up soon, can't let the holidays go to waste, now can i??

04-17-09 - I just posted the new chapter for Dark Secrets... things are unravelling slowly...

04-30-09 - Upates are slow so please bear with me for awhile. I'm still trying to play around with the plots of both stories to give it the best fic I can offer.

09-19-09 - I'm really sorry to all of my readers. Updates are extremely slow. The next chapter for Dark Secrets is halfway done but my muse for the Erebus Ferrox Riddle story is absent, so the next chapter is slow in the making. However, I am not, again, I am NOT abandoning any of my works. I will get at least two chapters for each story before the end of this year. I now know how it feels for other writers to have to come up with good chapters while RL is calling out to them. I salute those authors who are able to write an post their chapters at regular intervals.

Again i'm sorry to all of my readers, hopefully you stick with me. I will get a chapter out if its the last thing I do... And on a loghter note, semester break is almost upon us here in collge, so more time for story writing... Cheer on that!!

04-05-10 - I'm back in the writing business after months of absence and I hope my readers are still with me after so long. I will try my best this summer to write as much as possible and get my stories back on track.

12-28-11 - Fear not I am still alive but my fics have taken a backseat, as much as I hate it. I'mhogging to med school soon and I'm not sure when things will pickhop again. But I promise I will do my best to complete them.

12-01-13 - STILL ALIVE PEOPLE! Just stuck in medical school. Will get write back into writing as soon as possible!

04-08-18 - Would you look at that, I survived and graduated med school. I've been reading more than I should be writing but hopefully I get the juice pumping out again. Not gonna give up just yet, 10 years is no joke!

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