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"Initialization of the NT-D system ... 10% ... 50% ... 80% ... 100%"

"Profile: ready to read"

Gender: Male

Real name: unknown

Name of the writer: DevilsZack00

Lives in: Somewhere in Italy

Age: unknown

Like: D&D, Roleplay, video games, fanfiction, anime, manga, Final Fantasy and Gundam

Dislikes: The current generation of manga

State of life: Not infected with Coronavirus, don't worry

Top 5 Videogames characters:

1- Zack Fair from Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII

2- Noctis Lucis Caelum from Final Fantasy XV

3- Ragna The Bloodedge from Blazblue's series

4- Dante from Devil May Cry series

5- Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid series

Stories currently in writing:

- Bleach DxD: Six months have passed since the battle against Aizen, but when the threat of a mysterious being strikes a world separate from ours, the Spirit King can only count on the savior of the Winter War: The Shinigami-Daigo Kurosaki Ichigo!

Chapters: 11, 12th chapter is underway...

Chapter release date: October 2020...

- Blazblue Aura Xrd: A Blazblue x RWBY x Guilty Gear themed fanfiction. Plot information: To prevent Terumi from getting the True Azure and protecting the Centralfiction, the Origin decided to activate one last Phenomena Intervention to try to change everything ... Now, two worlds have been rewritten into a completely original new world, Remnant ... "BLAZBLUE, ACTIVATE! /" TEAM RWBY, GO! / "DRAGON INSTALL!"

Chapter: 2, 3rd chapter is underway...

Chapter release date: November...

- FINAL FANTASY XV: Journey in Remnant: A RWBY x Final Fantasy XV themed Fanfiction. Plot information: After learning of the prophecy and the fate of Noctis, Regis Lucis Caelum decided to leave Eos and, through the Crystal, bring the whole continent of Lucian and the Royal Arms into a different world, a world devoid of Starscourge, trying to cancel the prophecy ... but the prophecy can only change ... and Noctis will discover it Major pair: [Noctis x Ruby]

Chapters: 3, 4th chapter is underway...

Chapter release date: 31th October 2020...

Stories in production:

- Gundam Beyond: A One-Shot crossover between all the Gundam series. A personal vision of what Banagher saw during the final clash against Full Frontal (OVA episode: 7; Original series: Gundam Unicorn UC (OVA Version)

Release date: 2020...

Stories in an idealized state:

- Devil May Cry: Deadly x Demons: A DMC and Highschool DxD crossover. Plot informatio: 2000 years after the Dark Knight Sparda rebellion and a few months after the events in Fortuna, Nero accepted a job from Morrison, heading to Kuoh, Japan. He did not know that fate had different plans for him.

Release date: N / A

- RWBY's original fanfic: RWBY themed fanfiction still in a state of pre-idealization. No official name and plot for now

Release date: N/A

- Two sequels for Bleach: DxD: Plot information: N/A

Release date: N / A

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