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Hi. I've been a fanfic reader on and off for the last decade or so and have just started writing. I have a few projects in mind - hopefully will finish many of them! :)

The general theme of my stories will involve a powerful Harry but with challenges/foes that are up to his level of power. There will usually be multi/many relationships (no slash) and usually with one or more of HP/HG, HP/GW, HP/FD, HP/DG, HP/LL or the key female characters in any crossover projects.

Please do check out my favourites - while I think the glory days of HP fanfic are behind us, there are still so many amazing writers and stories out there that are still current! Hopefully, one day some of you would rate my projects in the same league as the stories in my favourites.

Current projects

1. Archmage of Arda - crossover with Tolkien's middle-earth, set at a time much before Hobbit/LOTR. I will consider this project a success if it recreates even a tiny hint of the richness of middle-earth. If when you read this, you feel like you are back in middle-earth, please do let me know by way of a review or an IM and that would make me very happy and encourage me to go forward with other projects. Working on a sequel now - unlikely to be posted until I am more or less close to finish to ensure quality/plot control.

2. Wizard of Westeros - crossover with A Song of Ice and Fire, set during the Mad King's reign. Harry as the wandering Master of Death picks this universe and merges with a mortal host, as characters from his original life will also have counterparts in this world. He will rise from the status of a bastard to become a major player in the game.

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