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Hi, as a writer, I'm new here. So, apologies in advance if I'm not too sure how to address or respond to your reviews or messages. Still getting the hang of this app.

Tbh I came from Wattpad. Sure, the app has much more friendly user interfaces and features but I feel like the best of writers are here on Fanfiction. I've learned so much about writing techniques just from reading the works here.

At the moment I'm obsessed with Bella X Denali Sisters X Rosalie so I'm only focusing on that. My first story here, Falling Into My Arms, has no clear plan. I mostly write based on instincts and the author voice inside my soul. So, please, no expectations! It's just for fun. And honestly, seeing the reviews, the follows and favourites just make my day so THANK YOU.

Stay safe, everyone.

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