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WELCOME !!!!!!

I am not really well versed in writing but really want to write stories inspired by my favorite works.

To introduce my style of writing, I will not stories that have a darker theme. There was a time when I enjoyed darker themes but that eventually changed, right now I enjoy lighter more fun themes I'm not sure where my sense of humor lies but I will try to make sure stories are easy on both the eyes and the heart.

I am a huge fan of Manga/Anime and fantasy novels. I have read works from American, British, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean origin.

To be honest I am not a big fan of the entertainment industry of my country. My country has a wide range of classical literature which is very inspiring, motivating and fun to read but the modern content is really sub-par with only a couple of works proving to be truly entertaining. This is the reason I was pushed to look for some other source of content to ease my ever-present boredom.

I will try my best to churn out some quality content and pray that the readers out there like it.

My Patreón account link if you guys want to donate something.


Please change the ó in the link with an on to get the correct link.

Discord Code: w5dJ82SfMr

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