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I'll keep this short and a lil' sweet.

Names' Fiona, I'm a Yorkshire lass and I adore Supernatural, I mean sell my soul kind of adoration...it fits for me. Like something I didn't know I needed 'till it was there. You've got the plot, the awesome story, layered characters, depth within a depth and then some, twists and turns, myths and history and gore and all the sex and all the violence, and family and friendship and bonds and love and hate and every single thing you can think of in between, the car alone.. well, fuckin' eh! Tis paradise.

Now, I know I ramble on, but I've grown up with this and I Fucking love it.

The lads alone, They're gorgeous! I know, but they're talented gorgeous with ticked boxes, checked and mate. These guys inspired all sorts in me, art, music, stories, acting, work if you believe and generally getting me through the day, week, year and the list goes on.

I've loved Supernatural since I caught sight of their first advert on a phone box. That was 15 years ago and can I say I've grown to love it more.

I've written on here, read here, other fandoms for years now ever since I was a crushing teenager. Now 28...I have to say I've grown to love it more. The perfect little dreamy action escape. I've met such amazing, incredible, strong and charismatic people on here, through SPN fandoms and conventions and there is too many to list. You know who you all are and how ace you are, it's been an honour and a pleasure to have met you all ;)

Since I started reading and writing here, I thought some of the things written out there were a little bit taboo or dark...I've come to find...my mind and muses are a little dark, a little taboo. And I bloody like it, My point, it's Fucking hot.

I'm a Sam girl, and I mainly write hurt Sam with comforting big bro Dean, that's mostly what you'll find here or angsty tags or episodes or extended scenes. I do take prompts or ideas if you want, all I ask is a fic for a fic.

One more thing...

These stories I wrote need finishing and their muses need to kick up a gear and I'll get on that, but there's just... so... much to read through and get lost in...I'm sorry. Life gets in the way but I will always come back here to the happy place :)


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