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Oh hi hello.

Whaddup? The reason why I own this account in this particular website is because I love to write, like all of you here. Anime is cute and funny and very much entertaining. Since I'm always filled with imagination, I keep having Own Characters coming inside an anime. God, I'm delusional but oh well. I have a few stories that I have written and mostly about romance and leisure writings. One of them is about a photography romance but of course, it has nothing to do with anime so I keep it to myself. Maybe, one day, I'll publish a novel, who knows.

I have favourite anime(s) in list:

1. Ouran High School Host Club

2. Witch Hunter Robin

3. Kyou Kara Maou

4. Card Captor Sakura

5. Saiyuki Reload

6. Prince of Tennis

7. Blood+

8. Honey & Clover

9. Gakuen Alice

10. Bleach

Plus, if you have read my stories, my OCs are mostly tough characters or dark personality for instance being emotionless, arrogant and egoistic. I personally dislike D.I.D (Damsel in Distress) type of heroin characters. And that also relates to what type of guys I favour like Kyouya, Haji, Sanzo, Natsume or Amon :D

I apologise for offense or sensitive issues or words that I may have used in my stories and also if there is some grammatical or 'missing word' error. I am still improving and I will give you a good and perfect story in every angle.

Thank you for reading and reviewing.

A token of appreciation for my darling family and friends, who have inspired me in many ways and my dear readers who have been supporting my stories while being honest by giving me your thoughts and views.

Sincerely love,


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