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UPDATE: on some kind of hiatus, but I'm writing a oneshot for y'all!

I mainly write about CSI:Miami but occasionally I write about NCIS and CSI. I also do crossover stories from time to time!

Recently became a gleek (I've gotten into Glee recently :)

My account for Glee fanfic: cohevans

- Did I mention I'm an avid CaRWash (Calleigh Duquesne/Ryan Wolfe) shipper?!

Eric/Natalia is my guilty otp!

(Deleted a few stories, writing new and improved ones :)

ao3 account: cohevans

Music is usually what inspires my stories, unless I've come up with an interesting enough idea that sparks my interest.

Recently taken more of an interest in Glee.

"I don't like liars." Ryan said lowly, intimidatingly staring down the suspect sitting opposite him.

Sometimes I just quote lines from certain scenes in my favourite tv shows to myself. Not sure what captivates me about these in particular scenes.

"You must be the Andersons!"

Danny and Aiden give confused looks, but Messer soon decides to go along with it. He puts his arm around his partner and draws her close. Aiden doesn't say anything, realizing what Danny is doing, and let's him remain close as they further into the apartment glancing at all the people dressed up in furniture.

Some scenes are just too good not to quote.

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