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Hey guys!

French noob writer, fan of Warhammer, metal music, and Zootopia!

What else? Meh, nothing important :)

PS: I'm serious about the French guy, even though I write in english. If you read anything that hurts your eyes, don't hesitate to tell me (PM or review, no preferences), I know I might need it, so I definitely won't be mad. Thanks!

06/06/2020: little update for those wondering. I'm putting "Live and let die" on hiatus for now, as I am trying to rewrite it. I've been told by several people that it could be good, but lacked key features for a story and takes too long to develop. I'm trying to rework the story by taking into account those advices and hope to come back with a more interesting and better written story. Thanks for your understanding!

11-03-2021 : I'm not dead or abandonning Pariah, just a few things to settle IRL and I'll be back. Promise!

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