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the truth of the matter is i'm not a fan of doing intro's

i'd rather you see for yourself

when i write in my profile, forgive the lack of capitalization, that's just how i do things.

but honestly,

introductions are crucial

at most occassions

so i'm going to take a stab at it


laura/laui/lia guico


theater actress


student artist

incoming freshman to the

wait for it

university of the philippines, diliman so sorry. let me be narcissistic here, it's hard getting in there

bachelor of arts majoring in psychology

i breath

i sing

i act

i direct

i write




i'm a frustrated pianist/ violinist/ cook. yeah i know random :))

i haven't been on for a while due to the heaven and hell of high school life, forgive me.

i've only written two stories and would like to finally, finally UPDATE! joy

so please, read and review. comments, suggestions, violent reactions are welcome...just no flames. a bit contradicting, but ah well.

contact me wherever whenever:

look me up on facebook: laui guico

my mobile: pm me if you need it

one last thing, if a single word would be used to describe myself, it would be complicated. go figure. ;)

au revoir,


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