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Disipline first...Everything Else Will Follow

Alright theres a lot most people want to know but i will only tell so much

Age: 22


favorite anime/manga




Nabari no Ou


Samurai Deeper Kyo


Mysterious Girlfriend X

(way too long of a list)

alright so I've neglected my earlier work and though i have put both Twin Hearts and Ripple of Time on hold I do plan on continuing both stories. I'm still looking for a Beta for Final Fates Intervention and Crimson Eyed Sword Masters and the posting for those stories will not be regular. I prefer to take my time with everything i write, if a manage to post on a regular basis cool if not please don't get upset at me over it. I want to produce the best work possible and tell the tale i envisioned when the inspiration came to me.

I plan on rewriting Twin Hearts from the ground up the rewrite is in the works and i plan on revealing the first of the rewrite sometime in the next couple of weeks as well as a new idea Fury of the Uzumaki's when the opening chapter stops being such a pain to flow right...

Anyway enough of my ranting I've said my piece and as I have said So Mote It Be

Ja, Shotorin

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