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21 years old, getting older, loving it.

Well as far as me... I'm always reading fanfics, always. It's probably not good for my uni degree but oh well, I'm passing all my subjects, well except for those two I failed last year. But I'm back on course to graduate!

I'm a World of Warcraft addict, a compulsive fanfictioneer and I work nights as an otaku.


22 years of age, older and the love's still going strong!

A very well done series of animated versions of major events from the HP films. Well worth watching (better without sound I found).

23 years since I was born, perhaps a little wiser, but then again perhaps not.

24 now, still reading, still thinking about writing, still not.

A minor personal note:

I'd like to point out that I am most definitely homophobic, to clarify, I can't stand male homosexuality. I don't know when, how or why it started, but I frankly find it disgusting. People are more than welcome to be gay and as far as I'm aware I've never discriminated against anyone who is gay because of it, those choices are their own to make and if it makes them happy then I congratulate them. Please do not interpret this note to mean that I do not want gay people in my life, I know several wonderful people who have chosen to be gay and are all the happier for it and I have not and do not plan on giving up their friendship because of it. However, that doesn't change the fact that I find male homosexuality completely repulsive and I don't think that will ever change.

25, the road goes ever on.

So I'm not proud of what I've written above, it feels wrong. I still find men getting it on with other men unpalatable, but I think I expressed myself poorly and perhaps came across slightly hostile.

tl;dr gay is great I just find it kinda squicky

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