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Had you come before 20th of July 2021, you would have found a page full of useless information about me but I've grown up now and that was pretty childish of me, pretty disappointed in past me to be honest.

I'm not a writer, well I could be, but I don't really have time for it. Sorry for abandoning Working With Kalos but it's pretty shit so I don't really feel bad.

I recommend the following fics as the best this site has to offer and some of them are even better then the best books out there. These are all without shipping of any kind and romance if there is any, it is minuscule. If you want romance, check my favourite stories.

Pokemon: Traveler, Sacrifice and Subjugation, Regret, Pedestal, Legend, Pokemon: The Origin of Species, The Lost Master.

Honestly, by far the Pokemon fics surpass any other fandom here, they are just fucking phenomenal, especially Traveler. All of them are books you'd regret not reading before you die. For me, they're not fanfics, they're proper books and I love them more then any "official" books I've read.

Percy Jackson: All That's Left, Imperator: Vas Bellicosum.

Yeah, the PJO fandom is pretty pathetic. Even though its amongst my favourite book series, the fandom is ass. There are some good fics but all of them have romance at least as a sub genre and I want a list which focuses on the main character and his growth not some trashy Percabeth/Pertemis/Perzoe romance. Though if you want romance, you'll find it in copious amounts. Warning though, its pretty cringe, unrealistic and angsty. I have some stories which focus on Percy in my favourites but all of them have a pairing and I don't want to add a paring oriented story to my list.

Harry Potter: Blindness, Timely Errors, Elizium For The Sleepless Souls (must-read), The Many Deaths Of Harry Potter, The Problems Of Time Travel, Time To Put Your Galleons Where Your Mouth Is.

Yes, I'm aware most of what I listed has a pairing, but its so fucking hard to find a good HP story that isn't made of cliches, isn't trash and is genuinely interesting.

Pokemon: Ash/Serena, Ash/Dawn. I'm neutral towards others. (If you actually support Ash/Misty, just get help lol).

Percy Jackson: Percy/Piper, Percy/Rachel, Percy/Reyna. (Honestly, I just like obscure pairings but I genuinely do like Pipercy for some reason. Just tired of all Artemis, Annabeth and Perzoe fics, honestly, there are so many of them and they're mostly just regurgitated trash).

Harry Potter: Used to ship Harry/Hermione (Check out my community for this), Harry/Daphne (I'll also read obscure pairings like Harry/Lisa Turpin).

You can find fics about all of them in my favourites.

A quick rant before I end this.

People who like Draco, please get help. That man literally let in death eaters into a school full of children. You'll say he has reformed or that he pressured blah blah blah. Does that honestly excuse all his crimes? And what of his blatant racism and being a bully for 5 years? Open your fucking eyes.

People who like Snape. I have no words. He was responsible for the death of Harry's parents. He told the prophecy to Voldermort. I don't fucking care if he tried to repent afterwards, he killed them. And then instead of being fucking guilty, he spent all 6 years trying his best to make Harry's life unbearable just because he was bullied when he was younger. Like fucking grow up. If you still like him, then I can't be asked.

And that's that.

In the immortal words of Gary Oak: Smell ya later.

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