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'It's a joke, not a dick, don't take it so hard.'

'I find it much easier to say I'm sorry when I pronounce it fuck off.''


Common sense:

1. A girl's life is not more valuable than a guy's life. Fanfic writers, stop with this bullshit. Your protag can kill a hundred male minions, but suddenly, he fails to kill the only female minion because she's a woman? That's fucking stupid.

2. Also, don't kill a thousand minions and let the main big bad go. That's just fucking hypocritical. (Looking at you, Batman).

3. Yes, Batman doesn't kill, but hey, he beats you into a bloody pulp and leaves you hospitalised. What's stopping him from breaking the Joker's spine, I wonder?

4. The smarter you think you are, the dumber you actually are.

5. Only 2 genders exist.

Wait, you're still reading this?

Damn, I thought I was lifeless.

Smell ya later.

a) Write a Pipercy story.

b) Write a story with Harry/Astoria.

c) Write a Kiyotaka/Mahiru story - maybe (fake relationship).

d) PJO/Hunger Games/AOT crossover (Freedom theme or Forgiveness/Selective Forgiveness vs Extermination).

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