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Warning to the fanfiction community.

Ever since January of last year, there was been a troll going around leaving negative review with racial slang, homophobic comments, and even threats. The troll had first to our knowledge started to attack stories based on the early 2000s cartoon Invader Zim. The 'reviews' even if you call them that, are more attacks at the authors rather than criticisms or reviews of the story. This person has attacked many of us, including myself. Many of us call this person 'pigshit' due to the amount of times they say that.

Recently, it has been brought to my attention that pighsit has been going around to South Park and Teen Titan fandoms and not only leaving negative review, but has been pretending to me, and linking my stories in the reviews. I have at least manage to get in contact with one person that has been attacked by pighsit while they have been trying to frame me and made peace with them. If any of you come across more of pigshits comments, under the review name 'Guest' contact the authors so they could delete it, and if any of you come across pigshit linking my story 'Invader Zim: The Universe Killer.' please let me know so I could, make peace with those authors.

Thanks for reading, and stay safe.

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