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I use to be DestoryerDRT found here on this site.

The fandoms I have read and liked along with main ship or ships are as follows

1. Power Rangers [Tommy/Kim]

2.Naruto [Naruto/Sakura]

3. Inuyasha [Inuuyasha/Kagome]

4. He-Man [Heman{adam}/Teela}

5. Kick Ass [Kick Ass {dave}/Hit Girl {mindy}

6. Young Justice [Superboy{conner}/Miss Martian{Magan}]

7. The Real Adventures Of Johnny Quest{with Johnny and Jesse has the ship}

8. Let me in/Let the right one in {Abby/Owen}

9. Perks of Being A Wallflower {Sam/Charlie} [saw this one right away in the book and movie]

10.Vampire Hunter D

More to follow.

I have a pet peeve and that is the posting of more than one chapter to a story at a time. The reason is that it gets confusing if it is a new story you might read it backwards and if it is a update you might miss part that help you understand what is or has happened so far. I have always gotten the newer emails first so the earlier chapters will only be gotten to later with email and that is if the posts for the alerts do not have a email between them.

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