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Talent must be a fanatical mistress. She's beautiful; when you're with her, people watch you, they notice. But she bangs on your door at odd hours, and she disappears for long stretches, and she has no patience for the rest of your existence: your wife, your children, your friends. She is the most thrilling evening of your week, but some day she will leave you for good. One night, after she's been gone for years, you will see her on the arm of a younger man, and she will pretend not to recognize you.

--City of Thieves by David Benioff

I also have an A03 account! It will have any incomplete works and will be updated slightly faster than this account. However, anything I post on this account will be more polished.

Requests are open. Just send me a message with the series, characters/pairings, and a prompt, and I will try to promptly return a fic. =D

Special thanks to Miiinne and Akemi_Akira. They are simply amazing.

Minni is translating Clipped Wings and Sora into Portugese.

Akemi_Akira is transforming Clipped Wings (and maybe even the sequel) into a comic. Thanks for putting up with my late responses.

Lover of Stories 24 is amazing for being my editor for a period of time.

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